LG 60LA6200 Review

60 Inch 1080p LED edge Lit LCD HDTV 120Hz Refresh Rate

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LG 60LA6200 LED TV
  • Semi-clear coat screen bumps up the color reproduction quality
  • Dark scenes keep their colors brilliant with strong contrast
  • LED Backlighting produces solid light flow-through
  • We think the quality of the passive 3D is excellent
  • On board speakers really push out volume and sound quality
  • No Cinema Screen design, but the looks are still great
  • Provides a top tier TV picture after calibration


  • Streaming content is a bust due to video processing and buffering issues
  • Even a hard-wired ethernet connection has problems
  • Free apps do not add any value to the Smart TV platform
  • Side angle viewing (Above and below too)
  • Motion blur and judder with Gaming


  • Light flow-through and Contrast don't compete with the best TVs
  • Magic Remote is an additional purchase
  • Colors are on the verge of being subdued for an LED TV
  • 2D to 3D Conversion - take it or leave it

    The LG 60LA6200 60 inch offering from LG is an side edge-lit LED backed LCD TV and the largest size in the LA6200 series for 2013/2014. If differs from the more premium LA6900 above it in the LG lineup in that it does not have the included Magic Remote (though it is optional) and it is without the sleek almost non-existent bezel framing design called Cinema Screen that the LA6900 has. Other than that it has almost the same exact features and picture quality and includes Smart TV, passive 3D TV, a 120Hz refresh rate panel, and 1080p resolution. This TV offers great value especially in the 60 inch size.

    Picture Quality Rating: 8.5/10

    LG 60LA6200 LED TV
    The 60LA6200 shows strong color performance in this shot from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Blu-ray. Shadow area detail shows a decent performance as well

    Trumotion 120Hz Feature - (De-judder and De-Blur)

    Setting Options: Clear Plus, User, Off, Smooth, and Clear

    It would be nice if there were a control directly to this setting on the remote control. This is possibly going to be the control you will most want to access and play around with to find out what is most desirable for you. Purists will likely need to turn this feature Off for film and normal content, but it may assist in watching live sports and 3D. All of the TruMotion options diminish natural background blur and add a kitchy soap opera effect to programming. Although the De-Blur portion of the settings only has a minimal impact we recommend setting as follows. Then use the Smooth setting for sports or 3D.

    User Setting

  • De-Judder - 0
  • De-Blur -10

    Off Center Viewing Quality

    This is a weakness of this the LA6200 just as it is with most LED TVs. Some do a better job than others. At 25 degrees off center there is notable contrast loss and this is especially noticeable if you are viewing the TV from above or below eye level. For instance, you would be affected by this loss of color and contrast if you had the TV mounted above a fireplace.

    3D Picture Quality - Best in Market

    We tested the LA6200's passive 3D vs. some other active 3Ds and we are now converts to passive. We think it's better and the glasses are certainly light, cheap and comfortable. If you're a 3D nut, LG's passive 3Ds cant be beaten. Unfortuntely, we could not test the 3D content located through the TVs Smart menu very well due to lack of processor power in the TV. But with BluRay 3D content the TV displayed a great amount of depth, rich colors, and good contrast. The TruMotion setting in Smooth or Standard is good.

    2D to 3D Conversion Testing and Quality

    First, make sure the TruMotion feature is on (Standard picture with Smooth TruMotion setting is fine). With a push of the 3D button on the Magic remote control you can convert any 2D programming you are watching to 3D. Obviously LG is keen on everyone trying this – thus the dedicated key on the remote. We tried out the 2D to 3D conversion much more extensively with a couple of Blu-Ray discs. The 3D effects are fairly subtle with the conversion – pretty good, but we still preferred a BluRay without the 2D to 3D conversion. Side angle viewing quality is affected severely with 2D to 3D conversion with contrast and colors fading. Normal DVDs may be brought to life, especially older ones by the conversion to 3D. Give it a try.

    Gaming - Low Input Lag is a Plus

    The LG 60LA6200 has a dedicated picture preset for gaming. This is unique compared to a lot of other brands because it is easy to find. This is a plus. In this picture mode, the input lag is significantly cut down. Our testing results show around 30ms. This is a perfectly acceptable result for action games and first person shooters. The motion blur and judder really increase in the Gaming picture setting. This is where the LA6200 loses marks for gaming.

    Features Rating: 8/10

    Magic Remote — Optional Accessory

    LG 60LA6200 Magic Remote
    This is the updated look for the Magic Remote accessory. It's got all of the necessary buttons as well as a mic button on the bottom of the 5-way controller for engaging the voice controls

    This is an optional accessory for the LA6200 and we recommend it. It costs around $100 but if you will be utilizing the Smart TV features and web browsing a lot on this unit then it's worth it. And your saving a lot of money on this TV from the unit above, the LA6900 so go ahead and splurge because the Magic Remote is one of the only “value added features” that we recommend. It's easy to use and get used to and it speeds up Internet browsing considerably from a normal 5-way controller keypad. The voice recognition feature works astoundingly well. To see our full review of the Magic Remote refer to the LG 55LA7400 review.

    Smart TV Features Abound

    The 60LA6200 is loaded with Smart TV features not found in previously in LG TVs. The experience of the user has been granted the most attention when designing the Smart TV platform. The familiar Smart TV suite is in place with some enhancements over past iterations. The first new thing you'll notice is the “My Interest Cards” placed on the home dashboard. These allow you to customize the easily accessed apps and display things like real time weather or news from your favorite sites.

    LG 60LA6200 Smart TV Main Menu
    This is the clearly organized LG Smart TV Menu. It is a breeze to navigate around with the Magic Remote, but a little clunky with a standard remote

    Smart Share features are one of the biggest updates to Smart TV. The LG 60LA6200 is capable of accepting a Wifi signal from a portable device which lets you display 5.1 surround sound full HD content without and wires. Near Field Communication (NFC) is supported as well. LG has named this the "Tag On" feature. All you have to do is hold a NFC device near the NFC sticker that comes with the TV and video or audio content will be shared immediately. This feature has a lot of potential if you have an NFC phone or tablet.

    Sound Mode Options Choices – Excellent Sound Quality!

    Sound quality from the LA6200 is excellent and a high point worth touting. Clear Voice II and Virtual Surround Plus options here add interesting choices, but our choice is the Cinema setting with Clear Voice II setting enabled with the level set at 3. The Standard setting is our second favorite with Clear voice II enabled. It is better than the other manufacturers we've tested as well by a long shot. The speaker in the bottom back of the TV adds most of the overall depth to the TV but we believe it is well worth it to have good sound from the TV. These minimalist TV designs are often used in spaces without home theater systems.

    Appearance and Design

    The 60LA6200 has nice clean lines and a half inch black frame. The stand is, um, updated? Kind of bottom of infinity shaped.

    Value - Bang for the Buck Rating: 9.3/10

    This is one of the best features of the 60LA6200, value. At $1700 it's tough to beat in the 60” size for value. It competes with the Panasonic TC-P60ST60. Samsung's answer is the UN60F6400. The LA6200 is one of the best value buys in the market.

    Overall Rating: 8.6/10

    Quick Specs

  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • Passive 3D playback
  • 4 pairs of glasses included
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • 3 USB ports
  • (2) 12 watt speakers

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