LG 50LA6200 vs. LG 50LN5700 (also 42LA6200 vs. 42LN5700)

LA6200 Series vs LN5700 Series

by , Senior Editor

There is a bit of a leap between these two models in terms of quality – especially panel, and video processing. With the 50LA6200 you are still getting a very high quality LED front clear coat panel. Still a great picture. The 50LN5700 is a pretty good step down in those terms. However both do have 120Hz processing. From a feature standpoint here are some of the differences:

3D viewing is available on the LA6200 and not the LN5700.

The Magic Remote may be added as an accessory to either model and we recommend it. The new voice interaction feature from LG is very good and will speed browsing.

The LA6200 has more refined appearance and a matte metal frame rather than a plastic black gloss frame. Both TVs are LED edge-lit with similar 2 inch depths.

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