LG 55LA6200 vs 55LA6900 (also 50LA6200 vs. 50LA6900)

LA6200 Series vs LA6900 Series

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The biggest differences between these two 2013/2014 models from LG is the value created by dropping the Cinema Screen design of the upper end 55LA6900. This model contains the floating “Magic Stand” which has a very avant garde shiny metallic appearance. It matches the 4mm wide bezel frame of the LA6900 cabinet and delivers an effect that will stun an onlooker when walking into your living room. The razor thin half inch depth also helps to deliver the razor-like effect.

The 55LA6200 while passing on the Cinema Screen features offers tremendous value as the replacement for the 55LM6200 series from 2012. With this model you still get a very attractive metal cabinet of only an inch in width. You also get all the Smart TV options from LGs excellent Smart TV options. As well, 3D TV comes in the passive form with inexpensive glasses. You essentially get the same picture performance and every other feature the LA6900 offers except the Cinema Screen design and the 2.1 sound. Oh, and one other important difference, the Magic Remote does not come standard with the 55LA6200, it's optional and costs around $100. We like the Magic Remote, it provides quick access especially when browsing and using the Smart TV features so keep that in mind when you check the price of these two TVs. The upgrade is probably worth it unless you dont plan on using Smart TV functionality at all.

Here is a list of the differences that goes a little further than the cinema screen and the sound system:

  1. The LA6900 is envelope is the Cinema Screen top end variety with almost no framing bezel. Maybe a quarter of an inch. The LA6200 is still very attractive with about an inch in bezel width.
  2. The LA6900 has more upgraded sound quality through 2.1 system
  3. The new Magic Remote is included with the LA6900 (and we like this feature a lot). It's an added purchasable accessory for the LA6200 so not out of the picture
  4. Voice interaction is included on the LA6900 and is not on the LA6200 unless purchasing the Magic Remote
  5. The LA6200 does not have all the best video processing engine capability and calibration control that the LA6900 has.
  6. The LA6200 is available in 5 sizes 42” to 60” and is less expensive than the LA6900 as a mid tier model.

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