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Samsung UN46D6300 Review

Model: Samsung UN46D6300
Description: 46" 1080p LED Backlit LCD Television (super thin)
Reviewer: Robert Wiley and Jack Burden
Dimensions: 42.9" W x 25.9" H x 1.2" D (without stand) / 42.9" W x 28.1" H x 10.8" D (with stand)
Weight: 29.8 lbs (without stand) / 37.7 lbs (with stand)
Date: Spring/Summer 2011

Picture Quality Rating (HD): 9/10

A clear shot from the Blu Ray of Blood Diamond shows good contrast.

HD picture quality is superb for the most part. The previous "soap opera effect" issues from last year with AutoMotionPlus are non-existent with HD content as long as the TV is in Movie mode. In fact the replacement feature (LEDMotionPlus) did not seem to have any impact on motion lag or judder with HD signals. When we turned the feature on the picture got a little darker (presumably from a decreased backlight output) but that was it. We did not note any difference in the performance of the TV – even in motion scenes. So we recommend leaving the LED Motion Plus feature off.

In last years C6500 we noticed inconsistency across gray scales especially in blue tones. Those mistakes are largely corrected in the D6300. Color rendition in the D6300 is accurate, realistic and vibrant – all three traits we look for in color quality. In scenes from the Blu Ray version of Blood Diamond we noted greens and blues as spot on in the luch countryside and sky. Blacks appear inky and saturated from front and center. Dark Shadow detail is also above average. We did not note many issues or problems with Color uniformity except at side angles where there was evident contrast degradation and light bleed near the sides.

Viewing angle quality is and typical LED-LCD TV concern and the D6300 is no exception. We noticed some degradation of black depth and contrast at 20 degrees off center though not extreme. Blacks and contrast degradation continues to around 35 degrees then remains about the same to the extreme side views. The screen overlay is glossy and what we term "clear coat." This is our preferred type of screen treatment as colors are richer and picture depth better. Colors show through better and this helps to reduce glare.

Post calibration Contrast Ratio measured a very respectable 1521:1 in testing. Clear screens such as this one usually yield better blacks and contrast than TVs with more anti glare technology inbuilt. Samsung dubs their clear coat technology, UltraClear Panel.

At side angles there is loss of contrast as demonstrated by these shots from the Blu Ray of Blood Diamond.

Picture Quality Rating (Non-HD): 7/10

The D6300 gave us mixed results with non-HD signals. There is significant lack of natural background blur no matter if the LEDMotionPlus feature is turned on or off. Fortunately this issue is eased somewhat in the movie mode setting. Essentially the 120Hz judder reduction feature is not adjustable in the D6300. The ensuing picture from the D6300 has a soap opera effect without the depth created by natural background blur. The inbuilt judder reduction technology for which there is no control included in the TV, obviously goes into hyper drive when processing and upconverting lower signals such as 480i or 480p. It almost made me dizzy watching a couple movies. That out of the way, color was very good, as was clarity, vibrancy, and light output. Dark scenes with 480 content got over saturated at times, losing dark shadow detail.

A standard definition shot from Netflix from The Bourne Identity.

Since content from Netflix and other streaming services are typically not true HD, we also include them in the Non-HD category. Results varied with this content and one concern is that the user cannot change individual picture settings or sound settings when viewing Netflix. Picture and sound modes may be changed, but not the individual settings. The Movie picture mode reduces detrimental effects of the dejudder control system in the TV.

Picture quality was generally very soft through this connection. We noted plenty of grain and motion artifacts in Non-HD material and also a lot of judder in HD streamed content. Colors are much more subdued. Viewing angle considerations with off-center contrast degradation remain.

Features Rating: 8/10

First features that the 46D6300 LED backlit LCD TV does not have. It is not 3D Ready, is 120Hz rather than 240Hz which is not a big deal in our estimation. And it does not have some of the highest end picture and sound quality options afforded the top of the line C9000, D8000, and up.

Inputs: The D6300 also includes Connect-Share Movie over the D6000 series which is a glorified name for allowing the user to watch movies, and other video content over the USB input.

Amazingly with this thin screen Samsung has managed to fit 4 HDMI slots, a PC slot, a LAN (Ethernet) input (for Internet connection), 3 USB ports, and a component video input. The component and composite video inputs are compressed by way of one input through adapter breakout cables which come with the TV. This could disappoint some that have expensive component video cables they are planning to connect as the breakout cables connections that are included are of the $1 variety.

Necessary breakout cables for component or composite video. For those of you with expensive component cable, the quality of these breakouts might not be acceptable.

Appearance: The 46D6300 comes with a 20 degree swivel rectangular table stand. The stand is heavy with a clear glass neck, glass top and black under base. Once the light installation is completed the stand is strong, but it's not the best engineered stand. The TV rests precariously on the stand before the screws are attached. The super thin 1.2" depth is impressive. The 1" framing bezel is black gloss with a thin clear acrylic edge all the way around the frame. Overall, it's an extremely updated and attractive design with an input cavity in the back that allows for tight cable wiring.

Remote Control/Menu Funtionality: Samsung has revamped the overlay menu system in favor of a more opaque blue laddered system. The options are similar, but this menu is a little easier to use than last years – though not as impressive looking. When it comes to menu systems we prefer practical, so good job Samsung. The D6300 series does not include options for Dejudder control nor for turning off the 120Hz rate feature (previously called AutoMotionPlus)

A shot of Samsung's new menu look while calibrating Blue color temp.

The backlit black push button remote control is simple, basic and straightforward without the flash of the higher end Samsung models. The standard remote control contains a discrete button called P. Size for changing the video aspect ratio between Screen Fit, 4:3, Smartview 1 &2, 16:9, and Wide Fit. Use the Screen Fit sizing when possible to get the least processing interference.

Audio Output: There was plenty of volume from the built in 10W X 10W speakers. Even though better than some other brands we've tested, the sound quality is hollow, and somewhat tinny. We highly recommend going into the Sound menu and selecting the SRS TruSurround feature which gave a nice improvement to sound quality. We also recommend changing the Sound Mode from Standard to Clear Voice to allow for better voice quality. This feature, while seemingly reducing volume output will eliminate some of the echo effect and tighten overall sound performance quality.

Internet Connectivity: Allshare is one of the most interesting features that Samsung has. Samsung also calls it the, "smart search function." Allshare lets consumers type in any phrase, for instance "Winter 2010 photos," or "the monk TV series," and the proprietary search tool will find every program on their home network (I.e. home computer) for every item, along with the program on any of the subscribed channels and even browse across the broader Internet (through the home computer). These devices are connected and share information through the built in wireless DLNA connection. In the D6300 line series the search is only available on your own network.

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