Samsung UN46D6300 User Reviews

What I expected from Samsung by John A.

This is a terrific TV with outstanding image quality, a sleek appearance, good feature set, and is very easy to use. I was a very loyal Sony TV customer until I bought my first Samsung 6 years ago - and that was a 56" DLP projection screen 1080P unit that I have never regretted buying.

I have this unit installed outdoors under a covered patio; my only real complaint with the unit is the glossy screen and associated glare, which I believe is just the case with any LED television.

I also purchased the UN40D6000 unit for our upstairs family room unit, and am very happy with that unit as well - in fact probably moreso. I love the Samsung TV apps on both, but bought the 6300 on the 46" for outside because of the full Internet browser capability. It is okay, but is Virtually useless if all you have is the included remote. I have an iPad with the Samsung TV remote app, which works nicely as it has a virtual keyboard feature. You could also purchase the QWERTY remote (is it available yet?) but then you are getting into spending some considerable additional $$ for the Internet browser TV feature, and it's not THAT important to me.I have an iPad with the Samsung network remote app installed (so I have access to a virtual keyboard that way) and that is okay. (I really do like having the Samsung TV remote app for the iPad for other reasons, too)

Bottom line, this is a fantastic TV at a very good price... Outstanding picture quality, sleek appearance, and very cool Samsung TV Internet apps. If I had it to do over, though - I would save the $$ and buy the UN40D6000. The full Internet browser is not worth the $ for me.

Very Satisfied with purchase so far by George Lawrence

I was looking for a TV with a good reputation for quality and dependability as well as the features of a SMART TV. So far so good. Without being redundant of many of the reviews previous to mine, after using this for about a month, I believe I made an excellent choice. The picture is excellent with many adjustments available to fine tune if you find it necessary. The default 'Auto Motion Plus' feature is a bit much and have changed it to the 'clear' option. The sound is quite good but I rely on an external sound system to enhance the experience. The remote is very responsive, something I noticed immediately compared to the TV this replaced (Older HD Vizio) but does leave a bit to be desired when using with the browser function. I would say also that the browser, although useful, remains the TV's weakest link. I had a lot of difficulty viewing videos from some websites using the browser. It worked intermittently and not dependably. I can only hope software upgrades in the future improve this. I don't see why it couldn't.

The apps available are plentiful but again hope and expect the number available to greatly increase in the future. I can think of many potential sites like ESPN3 where an app would be an obvious popular add on. I have long ago done away with cable and it's bill and rely on OTA local network stations in glorious HD (and free). Along with the available apps like Netflix, Hulu and VUDU, I have more than enough to watch for minimal cost. A Smart TV makes going without cable a logical choice and a trend in the making.

I have made 2 inquires to Samsung about features on the TV via email and their response was within 24hrs each time. That is also important. All that is left is hope that they continue to add new apps when they are available and that the TV lasts longer than my previous TV lasted. So far, it has been a very positive experience.

Love This TV! by trndispr

Pros: great picture and love the internet interface

Cons: wish had more of a interface with a mac, and if you use audio out dont use the one provided you will get feed back

Summary: just a great size and picture , works on my network great


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