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40" 1080p LED TV with Allshare

Model: Samsung UN40D6300
Description: 40" 1080p LED Backlit LCD Television (super thin)
Reviewer: Robert Wiley and Jack Burden
Dimensions: 37.6" W x 22.9" H x 1.2" D (without stand) / 37.6" W x 25.1" H x 10" D (with stand)
Weight: 24 lbs (without stand) / 31.3 lbs (with stand)
Date: Spring/Summer 2011


The 6 series line for 2011 contains many different including this UN40D6300, for an edge-lit LED TV we were impressed by the picture quality on the D6300, the AutoMotionPlus feature has been drastically improved in the 2011 models and this is the first time we haven't recommended turning it off for all viewing.

Picture Quality Rating (HD): 9/10

HD picture quality is excellent for the most part. The previous "soap opera effect" issues from last year with AutoMotionPlus are non-existent with HD content as long as the TV is in the Movie picture mode. In fact the replacement feature, called LEDMotionPlus, did not seem to have any impact on motion lag or judder with HD signals. When we turned the feature on the picture got a little darker. We did not note any difference in the performance of the TV – even in motion scenes, so we recommend turning the LED Motion Plus feature off.

At side angles there is loss of contrast as demonstrated by these high definition shots of the movie Blood Diamond.

Picture Quality Rating (Non-HD): 7/10

The D6300 gave us mixed results with non-HD signals. There is significant lack of natural background blur no matter if the LEDMotionPlus feature is turned on or off. Fortunately this issue is eased somewhat in the movie mode setting. Essentially the 120Hz judder reduction feature is not adjustable in the D6300. The inbuilt judder reduction technology for which there is no control included in the TV, obviously goes into hyper drive when processing and upconverting lower signals such as 480i or 480p. That out of the way, color was very good, as was clarity, vibrancy, and light output. Dark scenes with 480 content got over saturated at times, losing dark shadow detail.

Features Rating: 8/10

Appearance: The 40D6300 comes with a 20 degree swivel rectangular table stand. The stand is heavy with a clear glass neck, glass top and black under base. Once the light installation is completed the stand is strong, but it's not the best engineered stand. The TV rests precariously on the stand before the screws are attached. The super thin 1.2" depth is impressive. The 1" framing bezel is black gloss with a thin clear acrylic edge all the way around the frame. Overall, it's an extremely updated and attractive design with an input cavity in the back that allows for tight cable wiring.

Value Rating: 8/10

Price Considerations: At around $999 at online authorized merchants, this is a compelling mid range LED-backed LCD with excellent HD video quality, super thin design, the new Allshare feature, and lots of Internet Apps. Video quality wanes somewhat with non-HD signals and viewing angle contrast degradation and sound quality are concerns. Competition comes from the Sony KDL40EX620.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Samsung UN40D6300 Picture Settings and Calibration Results


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