Samsung UN40D6300 User Reviews

Great TV by EB99

I did a lot of research before purchasing this TV and when the price came down to under $1000 at Amazon, I jumped on it. Went with the free shipping and got it within a week. It even came with the Samsung Wireless adapter - a $50 value. (I haven't been able to hook up the Wi-Fi yet. I will update this post when i can) The picture is great on all channels. Even makes regular analog broadcasts look better. The HD channels are amazing. Make sure you have a cable box with an HDMI output so that you can run an HDMI cable from the box to the TV. I especially love watching sports on this TV. I haven't noticed any blurring with the fast action like i noticed on my friend's plasma TV. I would say that the sound isn't that great, but that seems to be a design problem with a lot of these HDTVs - the speakers are in the back and that doesn't make for great sound projection. Its ok for watching regular TV shows but if you want to watch a movie, you should definitely hook this TV up to some kind of external speaker system like a front sound bar or surround sound system. I have an older HTIB and I ran cables from the TV through that system and it sounds great. By the way, I wasn't sure which cable to use to hook up this TV to my HTIB and I went to my favorite cable site - - and emailed them with the make and model of my TV and told them what i wanted to do and they emailed me back within a day with a recommendation for the exact cables I needed (which were under $5!). I would have given this TV 5 stars except i took away one star for the difficulty of the menu system which is ok but which buries some functions in several layers of the main menu and also having some problems hooking up the wi-fi. Other than that, i would highly recommend this TV.

Very Satisfied with purchase so far by George Lawrence

This is our first hdtv. I've been waiting for "connected" tv's to progress to the level this one is at. I have the set hardwired into our home gigabit network and can easily pull home movies and pictures off our pc that runs windows xp pro and Samsungs Allshare. It's just as easy to hop onto the internet with the browser and check email or what ever. A good portion of the included aps are worthwhile. I have most sound output go through the home theater. No matter if I'm watching movies on directv, the dvd player or xbox games. The browser does not port sound to the external speakers (or I don't have something hooked up correctly) so I have to switch to the tv's speakers if online.

Very easy to do with the remote. The picture is fantastic. I have not noticed any problems with fast action. We've watched a variety of auto races and are impressed with the picture. Can't wait for the football season!

Love This TV! by trndispr

Pros: great picture and love the internet interface

Cons: wish had more of a interface with a mac, and if you use audio out dont use the one provided you will get feed back

Summary: just a great size and picture , works on my network great


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