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65 inch Passive 3D Smart 4K IPS LED TV

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LG 65UB9500 4K LED TVThe UB9500 series packs the same picture quality into a different form factor. These new models feature LG LED Plus edge lighting with Local Dimming, Ultra IPS panel technology for wider viewing angles, and 1500 UCI. Also ready to display native 4K content, it features multiple HDMI inputs, H.265 decoding and Smart TV+ webOS which features an intuitive user interface that makes accessing streaming content fast and simple. The UB9500 Ultra HD series has a 35W 2.1 channel speaker system and is available in 55-inch class (54.6-inch diagonal) and 65-inch class (64.5-inch diagonal) screen sizes with suggested prices of $2,299 and $3,299, respectively.

Tru-4K Engine Pro

The Tru-4K Engine Pro is in chage of upscaling duties on the 65UB9500. Since the selection of 4K content is still sparse (but we are getting closer), the upconversion quality of 1080p and 720p content is very important. LG hasn't created a content distribution system like Sony has, so it is even more important for this to be excellent. The UB9500 uses a 4 step process to examine and enhance broadcasts, recorded video, and home video game consoles. The result is a sharp and clear picture on a 4K screen. The included HVEC is another plus for efficient streaming for the best picture possible.


The IPS panel is something else to be excited about. We've seen these in Panasonic LED TVs before, and the improvements are excellent. Side viewing anlges are improved as well as light flowthough and an overall more brilliant image. Color reproduction benefits as well. Colors come out looking bright and natural. This is a big improvement that we are happy to see LG incorporating into their 4K LED TVs.

Passive 3D Performance

LG's always uses passive 3D technology, and we like what we see. The best part is the glasses tend to be lighter, more comfortable, and much cheaper for extras. There are no batteries involved and more glasses are included in the box. The picture displays a great amount of depth, rich colors, and good contrast from front and center. Brightness and side angle viewing are where the UB9500 looses some points when it comes to 3D content. The overall image seems a little dim and lacks the brilliance seen in 2D content. Side angle viewing is saved by the IPS panel. We see some loss of contrast as you move off-center, but color degradation is minimal. 2 pairs of 3D glasses are included in the box.

3D Dual View

Dual View is the 3D feature that allows two different images to play simultaneously on the screen. Special passive 3D glasses allow viewers to choose which image they want to see. This is great for split screen multiplayer gaming or letting the kids watch cartoons while the game is on. The AG-F400DP Glasses are required for this feature to work.

Smart TV Features - Powered by WebOS

LG 65UB9500 Smart TV LG Store
The LG Store is where you will find a ton of streaming content, apps, and games to download

LG has really switched things up this year when it comes to their Smart TV platform. Needed improvement in Smart TV functionality has arrived with the new 2014 LG TVs. The new WebOS operating system for Smart TV function is very fast in load time and selection. The design and layout is simple and much more straight forward than in the past.

LG 65UB9500 LED TV
The Smart TV menu is clearly organized this year and easy to navigate, especially with the Magic Remote

Simple is the name of the game here. Instead of a home screen with tons of buttons, you get a nice colored strip across the bottom of the screen populated with your favorite apps and the LG store. What you are currently viewing stays on the screen. Click the left arrow on the screen to see your open apps and the right arrow to show all the app downloaded to your TV. We were impressed with the speed of switching between apps. It was insatant. Last year a big complaint of ours was the poor streaming ability of LG's Smart TV platform. That's not the case this year thanks to the complete overhaul of the entire platform. This means the buffering times of streaming 2D and 3D content are greatly reduced. Overall, the move to a WebOS based system was a good move on LG's part.

The Excellent Magic Remote

LG 65UB9500 Magic Remote
This is the updated look for the Magic Remote accessory. It's got all of the necessary buttons (even an Input button) and a mic button for engaging the voice controls

The new Magic Wand Remote included with the 65UB9500 has seen a number of improvement since last year. In our reviews last year, we thought the magic remote was a handy inclusion that really helped navigation in the menus and in the web browser. We are happy to welcome it again with new voice features.

Design and Appearance

Front view of the LG 65UB9500 4K LED TV

The 65UB9500 adopts the same wide stand design as the UB9800, but it looks slightly different. It has a single wireframe arm like we see on some of the lower tier models. It is a sleek and minimalistic look, but those who don't have wide TV stands cannot accomodate the width. Wall mounting is then neccessary. The Cinema Screen design provides very thin black bezels and a super slim profile. The screen looks like it is floating above the front facing speakers with the 2-tiered design.


Since the 65UB9500 features some of LG's most advanced picture quality technology but lacks the impressive front facing speaker system that really packs a punch on the UB9800. Not everyone will need that built into the TV though. At $3,300 it is priced competitively with similar models from Samsung and Sony. The Samsung UN65H8550 also offers strong picture quality and a robust Smart TV platform for a similar price.

Quick Specs

Dimensions and Design

  • TV without stand (WxHxD): 57.2" x 33.8" x 2.4"
  • TV with stand: 57.2" x 36.0" x 11.8"
  • TV without stand weight: 74.3 lbs
  • TV with stand weight: 76.7 lbs
  • 64.5" diagonal screen measurement
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Just Scan (1:1 Pixel Matching) 0% Overscan (HDMI/Component/RF)
  • 9 Picture Modes
  • 2 3D glasses included in the box
  • 35 Watt 2.1 channel front facing speaker system
  • 4 HDMI 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0

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