55LA8600 vs 55GA7900

LA8600 Series vs GA7900 Series

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LA8600 Series and GA7900 Series
LG 60LA8600 LG 55LA8600 LG 55GA7900 LG 47GA7900

The 55LA8600 and 55GA7900 are actually very similar models and both have the great looking Cinema Screen Design and 240Hz panels.

The major difference between the two is the G stands for Google – meaning the 55GA7900 has Google TV capability. And the LA8600 does not. What does this get you? Google TV adds the Chrome web browser, and Google believes it makes searching easier, voice recognition and more to your TV, making for a fuller online experience to your living room. The Android marketplace is also available.

The remote control is markedly different as well. The GA7900 remote control has the full QWERTY keyboard on back but still fits nicely into ones hand for use with the Magic remote pointer.

LG's QWERTY Magic Remote for Google TV
The QWERTY side of the Google TV magic remote has keys that aren't too small for your fingers.

The GA7900 is available in 47 inches as well, while the LA8600 is available in 60 inches. These are LG's top of the line models for 2013 in the LED non-4K category.

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