55LA6900 vs 55LA7400 (47LA7400 vs. 47LA6900)

LA6900 Series vs LA7400 Series

by , Senior Editor

The 55LA7400 and 55LA6900 both rest in the upper end mid-teir position in LG's 2013/2014 lineup. There are a couple differences between them that may make or break your decision on which to go with. Take these into consideration when doing your comparison research when TV shopping.

The 55LA7400 and LG 55LA6900 in that they both contain the Cinema Screen LG design with almost no frame and the Motion Remote with Voice activation feature.

The primary difference between the two is the Hz rate. The 55LA7400 has a 240Hz rate and may be better for gaming as a result. The LA6900 has the 120Hz rate. Both TVs employ similar picture quality characteristics though there may be more backlight manipulation ability from the LA7400 in order to affect more localized contrast. The LA7400 is also available in the 60 inch size while the LA6900 is not.

Another difference is the sizes these two models are available in. While this does not specifically apply to the 55-inch size, it is good to know. The LA7400 can be had in 47, 55, and 60 inch sizes while the LA6900 covers the 47, 50, and 55 inch range. That really means you'll have to go for the 60LA7400 if you have big in mind. If you are looking to cover the middle ground a 50LA6400 might be the best bet.

Those two points cover the main differences between the two series. They are not the most dramatic differences, but sometimes they are just enough to nudge you one way or the other.

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