LG 42LN5300 Review

1080p, 42 Inch HDTV, LED edge-lit LCD, 60Hz

by , Senior Editor

LG 42LN5300 LED TVThe 42LN5300 is an economical way to get some good LED edge-lit backlighting without spending for other features. This is the 5th tier 42 inch model in LGs lineup. Most premium features are absent on this TV. The 60Hz refresh spec is distracting at times due to lots of judder in side to side panning scenes. However this is a solid choice for a good second or third room TV with a good brand name behind it.

60Hz Refresh Rate Processing

Although you are likely to experience some judder and motion blur with the LN5300's 60Hz processing it is normally not a big issue or that distracting on a smaller screen like this.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio specification is slightly less for the LN5700 than for the LA6200 and higher models but we do not believe this will make much difference in picture quality and probably none.

Bang for the Buck Summary

The LG 42LN5300 offers a stimulating price for those wanting to save money on that second or third TV or for those who want decent quality but dont want to pay up for lots of features. If you just want to watch TV on with a quality picture and not have many options this could be your set.

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