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Sony KDL46BX420 Review

46" Bravia LCD TV

Picture and Viewing Feaures

Good ole LCD TV screens are becoming a little scarce these days much to the detriment of the value oriented consumer. LED backlit LCDs command a much higher price in the marketplace. They capture the eye in the stores when consumers first see them, and the colors can be very vibrant when contrast is turned up. Most of all this progress though in LED TVs is just to catch up with good ole plasma technology in black levels and side angle viewing. LCD TVs are like California wine – even the lower priced value oriented LCD TVs arent bad. The KDL-46BX420 is not going to blow your socks off, but the picture quality is fine for most purposes. You will sacrifice a little in the black level depth, the processing speed and see some motion artifacts and judder present. But really what an improvement over just two years ago. Flourescent is not a nasty word in my dictionary.

In case my point's not clear, the 46BX420 is a traditional CCFL (flourescent) LCD TV.

Full contrast side angle viewing is limited to about 25 degrees off center. There is some jerky, judder effects during slow side to side panning. Otherwise, the picture clarity is good with defined edges. The TV is easy to calibrate with customizable picture settings.

The inbuilt processing is not great. There are visible motion artifacts with many incoming signals.

Higher end features that the BX420 is lacking are the Sony MotionFlow Hz rate feature, The new X-Reality processing engine, LED backlighting.

Colors are not oversaturated and look natural in the BX420 which is one of its strong suits.


The value oriented 46BX420 is not trying to blow you away with its looks. Like last years EX400 series LED, it is pretty sharp looking until you get up close and notice some of the more "plastic" feaures (both figurative and literal.) If having the hottest looking, thinnest depth metallic chrome bezel framing is important to you, this is not your TV.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

None available in the BX420

Standout Features

Full 1080p full HD resolution.

Value Oriented CCFL backlit LCD TV for the budget minded.

USB input for photos, music, or video playback

Ambient light sensor can reduce contrast automatically (we usually do not recommend this feature)


3 or more HDMI inputs should be plenty on any TV. 1 rear ethernet port, 1 side USB port, 2 rear Component video inputs, and 1 RF.


In the smaller sizes 32" to 46" that the BX420 is produced in, we completely understand going for a value orientation for that extra bedroom TV or kitchen TV. Many of the benefits of LED backlighting will be lost in smaller sized TVs. Price it low though Sony, as plasma TVs are now in the 46" and 42" categories as tough competition. This TV has no Internet compatibility features.

-Robert Wiley, editor


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