Sony KDL46BX420, KDL40BX420, KDL32BX420 User Reviews

Easiest Installation Yet! Just right for the bedroom

Pros: Picture Sizes, Display Ratios, Decent Audio, Light Weight, Image Clarity, Connectivity includes all of those Cables you have been collecting over the years. This set is a 1080p upgrade that replaces a 720p Sony 26" which has gone to the office for use as

Cons: All inclusive connectivity makes this model appealing to those who, like me, object to the price gouging found in Cables on the shelf. A plethora of flat panel offerings by Sony and its peers seems to make the idea of "something for everyone" appear to be

Perhaps the best value for the money out there by Deacon Frost

From a presentation standpoint, the TV is understated and classy. The glossy black bezel is attractive in it's simplicity, with the only deviation of color being a thin strip (about 1cm) of dark gray at the bottom of the TV. The gray strip house the sensor bar and small power leds.

This is a 'budget' TV, and with that classification aside, the image quality on this TV is amazing. After some careful calibration, the picture shows deep, dark blacks, vivid color, sharply honed detail, and extremely smooth motion. Despite having a lower refresh rate than higher-end sets, this TV gives fluid, artifact free motion - even in action scenes with lots of quick camera cuts. The image quality is on-par with much more expensive sets, and given the actual price of this set, the image quality alone makes this TV worth a buy.

However, there are caveats and they present themselves most notably in the inputs - or should I say, the lack thereof.

It's with the inputs where you realize where Sony skimped in order to deliver a set of this size at this price. You get 2 HDMI, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 Coaxial, Analog and Digital Audio inputs, a VGA, and a USB input. This input scenario posed problems for me, as I have far more devices than this TV can accommodate on it's own.

Great TV by Dloy

This tv just came out in february and is a no bells and whistles Sony Bravia. No led backlighting, no swivel stand, no internet apps etc. just a solid lcd tv with a great picture. I like it just as much as my two panasonic plasmas except for the viewing angles. They are not bad, just not as good as the plasma's. The picture is great right out of the box. Nice and natural. Believe it or not I couldn't really improve the picture no matter how much I played with it. In the end, I just lowered the color saturation a few notches and changed the tone to warm 1 and that was it. I noticed no motion Blur even though it is only 60hz. This is such a solid set that in this case I feel the old adage, less is more, really applies. At this price point I "FULLY" recommend this Television.

Good quality TV set by Sorin I.

The picture is excellent, the sound is OK, but only 8w per channel, so I am using it with my 5.1 system and it much better this way. It has an optical out which works fine with my 5.1 system, but il also has an analog output. The appearance is elegant with the piano black finishing.


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