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Sony Bravia Reviews

Below are recently reviewed Sony Bravia LED and LCD TVs with relevant ratings for each as reviewed by our professional review editorial staff. We have reviewed these Sony TVs based on a variety of quality rating considerations such as Picture Quality, Calibration Accuracy, Features, Ineternet TV options, and of course Value. Click on each review individually to see the full review and the separate category ratings. Ratings are based on a 70 to 100 scale.

Sony KDL-40R450A Review

There are not many extras on the KDL-40R450A. There is no 3D, or Smart TV features. There is a USB port for easy playback, and another special feature you may want to play around with called the MHL-ready.... Read More

Sony KDL-60R550A Review

One note about black level depth on the KDL-60R550A is that they look jet black on the top and bottom bars in a 16:9 format mode when directly viewed front and center. However colors can be a little more washed out... Read More

Sony KDL-55W802A Review

Once calibrations are made the picture quality on the W802A is very good from both HD and standard definition sources, though not as strong as those top units with a clear coat screen or top plasma TVs.... Read More

Sony XBR-55X900A Review

Actual viewing area of the 55 inch unit is around half that of the 84 inch model so the price will be much better. It has the 4K X-Reality Pro engine with up-conversion which is a key in using it because 99% of content watched on it will be in 1080p... Read More

Sony KDL-55HX850 Review

This is one of Sony's top end TVs for 2012 and has the unique OptiContrast panel which is Sony's way of telling you that contrast is very high – that is deep, saturated blacks and very bright white and lights. Read More...

Sony KDL-55HX750 Review

The 55HX750 series from Sony actually uses a matte-type screen finish rather than the Gorilla Glass Opticontrast panel on the HX850 and XBR929. The semi-matte screen does a decent job of presenting a good picture with the following strengths and weaknesses. Read More...

Sony KDL-46EX640 Review

This LED backlit LCD TV succeeds the KDL46EX620 from last year which as a successful TV at its price point. Though we are not overwhelmed by the picture quality of this unit we do like the value of this 46" offering. Read More...

Sony KDL-46EX720 Review

See the Video Review Robert Wiley reviews this LED backlit 3D LCD TV from Sony, when compared to other 3D models it is quite price competitive. We cover the Picture Quality with HD and SD sources, the 3D image quality, the feature set of the TV and rate the value to come up with the final score. See the calibrated picture settings for the EX720 as well as our video review of this television. Read More...

Sony Bravia KDL-46EX500 Review 86.5/100

The Sony KDL-46EX500 is a lower range LCD with traditional CCFL backlighting that will yield a good stable value for most consumers who want to enjoy Sony functionality while not having to pay top dollar for early adapter features such as super thin design, LED backlighting, or 3D capability – none of which this model contains. Read More...

Sony Bravia KDL-52EX700 Review 90.5/100

The Sony KDL-52EX700 has its own private display in some prominent retail stores such as Best Buy. It's got the thin good looks Sony is counting on to impress with its great brightness on the showroom floor. In this review we delve deeply into the inner beauty of the TV as well to evaluate whether the internal processing and output match the aesthetics. Read More...

Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR9 Review 87/100

The XBR9 series is actually the replacement for the XBR6 Bravia TVs from 2008/2009. Confusingly, the XBR8 series is Sony's LED LCD with local dimming and the highest feature set and price point of the Sony TVs on the market today. Upgrades in the XBR9 from the XBR6 are 240Hz rate compared with the previous 120Hz rate and an upgrade in the Bravia Video processing Engine to 3rd edition. Read More...

Sony Bravia KDL-55XBR8 Review 89.5/100

Once turning on this setting option, the picture was crisp and clear with very little about which to complain. There is bright color, great contrast and black levels and most surprising to us – plasma-like viewing angles. There was some false contouring in dark on bright areas of the picture. This "mapping" of dark matter will not be noticed if one is 15 feet or more from the television. However, it is noticeable from a closer distance. Other than that, another defining plasma-like characteristic is depth perception with HD signals which is excellent.Read the full Bravia KDL-55XBR8 Review

Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR8 Review 88.5/100

Our post calibration contrast measurement was a fairly impressive 228 to 1. While this still is well short of many top tier plasma TVs which we've measured at 700 to 1, it is a good result for an LCD. See our full calibration report here. I was surprised by how deep and penetrating the blacks were on this LCD – perhaps the best black levels we've seen on an LCD though a couple of new Samsung LCDs may rival them.Read the full Bravia KDL-46XBR8 Review

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