Sharp LC-70LE757U Review (LC70C7500U)

240Hz, 70 Inch, Edge Lit LED-LCD TV, 1080p

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Sharp LC-70LE757UThe LC-70LE757U is the 2nd tier model in Sharp's LED TV lineup when not counting 4K UHD. This model enters the market in spring of 2013 until spring 2014 and replaces the LC-70LE745U series from last year. Feature-wise it has the Quattron technology, 240Hz panel, and an ultra slim aluminum design. Peak whites are very bright. It also has active 3D viewing. Smart TV is present as well with a dual core processor.

Picture Quality

The LC70LE757U comes with lots of good picture setting modes. Here's a summary and comments on each:

Auto – Automatically converts the the on-screen Picture into advanced Film Mode and does not allow adjustment of many of the individual settings within picture settings such as Black Level, Film, Active Contrast. Since you cannot adjust the Film Mode setting from this mode we recommend not using this mode. It sets the various setting depending upon what content is playing.

Standard – Sharp's Standard setting is good, however colors are over-saturated and the setting comes with the Film Mode set to Advanced. So you will want to immediately turn that off when watching movies, film or the like. It's fine for live sports if you want the color to be juiced a bit.

Movie – We used the Movie Picture mode setting to calibrate the TV since it allows for 10 point white balance adjustment and the User Picture Mode only offers 2 point WB adjustment. We found this mode to have a green push especially from side viewing angles even after calibration.

Game – Obviously this juiced mode should be used only for Gaming. It has a slight red push.

Sharp LC-70LE757U
Colors and black levels are highlighted in this shot, although colors are a bit saturated.

3D Viewing

From front and center with little to no light in front of the room, the 3D viewing on the LC-70LE757U looks very nice. The added depth from the active 3D keeps you feeling very involved.

Side Viewing Angles

This is a weakness for these large Sharp LED-LCDs however it looks better than last years models. The TV loses some contrast and color saturation due to the edge lit LEDs and the pure size of the TV.

Contrast and Black Levels

Though not of the top measurement in either of these areas, the LC-70LE757U has decent black levels and the contrast is actually pretty stout due to the peak whites. Black depth suffers from side angles.

Sharp LC-70LE757U
You see some great contrast in the foreground and background in this shot of the 757U series.

Appearance and Design

The LC-70LE757UU has a black brushed aluminum metal bezel framing. It's classy and I like the feel of the solid metal. The frame is even thinner this year and Sharp has named it the Ultra Slim Aluminum design. The matte finish leaves no annoying reflection from in-room light. The TV is thin at just slightly more than an inch in depth (except for a protrusion in the back where the speakers are located) and the sides of the frame are very thin at .6" inches.

Smart TV, Wifi

Sharp's built in Wifi comes in handy in the LC-70LE757U to connect to the Smart TV Internet options for 2013. There is a dual core processor to allow you to watch TV, while toggling among Smart TV options. The processor also speeds the Smart TV functions somewhat.

Overall, the Internet TV suite gets by OK. The Sharp Smart Central has Vudu Apps as its main delivery device. Other than that, it's mostly just premium Apps which are prominent in the industry such as Cinema Now, Netflix, Vudu Movies, Blockbuster on Demand, Facebook, Twitter. A few of the Apps included with the Vudu Apps selection are: CNBC App, Discovery, Today, Picasa, New York Times, Ted Talks, CNN Daily, Nightly News (CBS). See our full Sharp Central Smart TV Review here.

Value — Bang for the Buck

There isnt too much competition in the 70 inch size range, though it is growing. Samsung has the UN75F7100 which should compete well against this model. They also have the UN75F6400 for a slightly more scaled down model choice. If you take it on a price per square inch of viewing area, this 70 inch Sharp LC70LE757U offers tons of value.

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