Sharp LC-80LE632U Review


The LC-80LE632U is designed to appeal to those wanting a massive screen size with a bright picture and Internet TV options an economical price. I say economical because this TV foregoes inclusion of the Quattron TV picture technology, the X-gen panel and many other upgrade picture features such as 3D compatibility.

Picture and Viewing Features

Sharp LC-60LE632U

Following are some notes from previous Sharp TV reviews to give you an idea of how Sharp LED TVs performed prior to Quattron X-gen panel introduction, but with 120Hz which the LC-60LE632 contains:

480 Standard Definition Viewing: As difficult and unpredictable as the E77U series is with calibration, the same applies to the picture experience. At times the LC-52E77U had ultra saturated looking blacks and great contrast. At others the picture appeared washed out during dark scenes. There is a lot of processing going on with this TV at many different levels. The internal picture doctor is hard at work. Therefore we viewed a lot of source material on it to try to get a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses. There are motion artifacts of varieties – swimmy effects with side to side jerky motion. At times there is flicker and background noise. In other scenes the presentation looked fantastic, clear, vivid and colorful. The 3D-Y/C feature is available for analog signals and is intended to minimize dot crawl and cross color noise.


720p/1080i/1080p Picture Quality: HD picture presentation from the E77U series was clean and sharp and the colors are very saturated. There is still a jerky side to side motion artifact effect present. Since there is a lot of processing going on with the internal video chip sets we recommend turning the Sharpness control all the way down to nil. As well, tune the Digital Noise Reduction feature to the Low setting. Except for fast motion sports programming turn the Fine Motion Enhanced (120 Hz feature) to the Off position. We did not note any of the kitchy, card board cutout effects from this feature as with many 120hz TVs. The feature does however introduce some depth reduction. Then lastly, the OPC (optimum picture control) feature effectively increases and decreases contrast and brightness (through backlight manipulation) presentation based on the content and your room viewing conditions. In a brightly lit room I would leave this feature turned On. Otherwise, turn it off to eliminate as much processing noise as possible."


The LC-80LE632 is a very attractive TV. The slim 1.25" surrounding framing bezel is black gloss. Overall, the effect is quite stunning, especially on the larger TVs to have such a slim bezel surrounding a giant black screen.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

The LC-80LE632 includes built in Wifi for access to Sharp's Internet TV suite which includes Pandora, Twitter, Flickr, Vudu, Netflix, Cinema Now as well as Sharp AQUOS Advantage Live which is an remote online live service offered by Sharp to help you personalize your settings for Internet the way you want them. Sharp is the only manufacturer with such a service.

Standout Features

Massive 80" Screen

LED Edge Lit backlighting.

120Hz. The 120Hz feature in the Sharp LED TVs is not as over-hyped in eliminating natural background blur as are some of the other competitors. This is a positive thing, as it leaves the picture looking more natural while eliminating much of the judder and jerky effects that are a problem on LED TVs.

Internet connectivity and built-in WiFi

AQUOS Advantage Service

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- Robert Wiley

Sharp Aquos 3D LED TVs


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