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Sharp Aquos LCD & LED TV Reviews

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Below are recently reviewed Sharp Aquos LED and LCD TVs with relevant ratings for each as reviewed by our professional review editorial staff. We have reviewed these Sharp TVs based on a variety of quality rating considerations such as Picture Quality, Calibration Accuracy, Features, Ineternet TV options, and of course Value. Click on each review individually to see the full review and the separate category ratings. Ratings are based on a 70 to 100 scale.

2013 Sharp Reviews

Sharp LC-70LE857U Review
Sharp's LC-70LE857U is a 70 inch monster of an LED TV. It is the direct replacement for the LC-70LE847U series from last year. This is the top of the line LED TV until you get to the 4K UHD TV that Sharp plans to introduce in the summer of 2013. This model has a robust feature-set as Sharp continues to strive to succeed in the super large LED TV ballpark. Read More...

Sharp LC-60LE650U Review
There LC-60LE650U is particularly good is from front and center in brightly lit rooms with lots of windows or lighting. The LED backlighting provides very good brightness and color accuracy is pretty strong. Read More...

Pervious Sharp Reviews

Sharp Aquos LC-52E77U Review 91.25/100

The LC-52E77U is priced very aggresively by Sharp at around $1500. Sharp has lowered prices of their LCD TV lineups to become a price/value leader from what was a premium price manufacturer. Therefore, I believe they are offering a lot of value compared to the competition.Read More...

Sharp Aquos LC-46BD80U Review 91/100

Obviously the key innovative feature of the Sharp LC-46BD80U is the built in Blu Ray DVD player. We found the inbuilt Blu Ray player to perform solidly and though we're not fond of the remote layout, there is sufficient control over the Blu Ray player. Functionally, the Blu Ray worked as well or better than a couple of outboard Blu Ray players we've used.Read More...

Sharp Aquos LC-52D82U Review 89/100

The Sharp LC-52D82U series LCD entered the market in late summer 2007. This LCD is sold in many stores and online where the LC-52D92U is not sold. There are a few differences in the two models. We have extensively reviewed the LC-52D92U and following are our ratings and findings about the major differences between these two Sharp LCD models.

There are just a few picture quality differences between the Sharp D92 series and the D82 series. The Sharp D92 series has a 5 wavelength backlight system which produces the better stated contrast ratio of 3000:1 (we measure contrast post calibration with a checkerboard pattern so ours measures much less). The D82 Sharp LCDs have a 4 wavelength backlight system which produces a stated contrast of 2000:1. Both units enjoy the new 120hz refresh rate and 4-millisecond response rate time which decreases motion lag in the LCD displays. Read the full Aquos LC-52D82U Review

Sharp Aquos LC-65D64U Review 87.5/100

The Sharp LC-65D64U entered the market in September of 2007 not to replace the LC-65D93U but to be sold as an alternative. Strange but true.

The two units are nearly the same with a few distinct exceptions. The 65D93U LCD is considered the top of the line unit with a 120hz refresh rate, while the 65D64U has a 90hz refresh rate. The result of this difference is less motion lag on the 65D93U. Another key difference is a lesser contrast ratio on the 65D64U of 2000:1 (the 65D93U has a listed contrast of 3000:1). While we do our own measuring, this seems a significant difference in the specifications. Read the Aquos LC-65D64U Review

Sharp Aquos LC-65D93U Review 88.75/100

The Sharp LC-65D93U replaced the Sharp LC-65D90U as the current model in the late spring of 2007. It remains the largest available LCD television on the market.

Sharp is as cutting edge as manufacturer's come in the video flat panel (especially LCD) world. They focus attention on LCD products and improving particular (weakness) aspects of LCD products such as response rate time, black levels, and viewing angle and the end products show it. Samsung, Sony, and LG are all LCD competitors as well as some burgeoning 2nd tier manufacturers. Sharp is working on the introduction of the worlds largest LCD at 108". Read the complete Aquos LC-65D93U Review

Sharp Aquos LC-46D92U Review 90.25/100

The first input signal I tested with this magnificent 1080P TV was a lowly 480p signal from a simple old Sony DVD player. After all, not everyone is going to purchase a Blu Ray or HD DVD player right now. I was very impressed by the work the 46D92 did with the up conversion and processing of the signal. There was some slight video noise from 6 feet away – just a little mapping in the shadows and neutral colored background with my trusty City of Angels test DVD. It was virtually undetectable from 10 or 12 feet. I also noticed that the LCD lost some detail in very dark areas in a few scenes but this is common with LCDs. Black levels were very impressive for an LCD – giving a much more cinema like quality to the picture than other LCD brands. Read the full Aquos LC-46D92U Review

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