Sharp LC-70LE750U Review (LC70LE750U)

240Hz 70 Inch Edge Lit Smart LED TV 1080p

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Sharp LC-70LE750U LED TVThe Sharp LC-70LE750U LED TV is designed to bring the best value to the table when it comes to large screen sizes. The difference between the 750 series and the 757 series is active 3D playback. This shaves a couple hundred dollars off the retail price. Excellent news for those not interested in 3D, but want some of Sharp's best picture quality features. The biggest feature driving picture quality is the AQUOS UV2A display that widens the range of colors and pushes the best contrast out of the 240Hz panel. Consider all of the Smart Central internet features with the 35 watt built in audio system and you've got quite the complete package.

Picture Quality

A bright and colorful picture is the highlight of the picture of the Sharp 750 series LED TVs. The Quattron color technology adds yellow subpixels to the basic red, blue, green format to get even more color possibilities out of the display. Much more accurate color is the result. The AQUOS UV2A display, seen on the 757 series as well, aims to improve the brightness and contrast. Light-flow through is impacted the most with this screen technology. The 70LE750U is ideal for bright room viewing.

Contrast and Black Levels

Though not of the top measurement in either of these areas, the LC-70LE750U has decent black levels and the contrast is actually pretty stout due to the peak whites when you really take a good look at it. The AQUOS UV2A display is supposed to push contrast and black levels to better performance. As far as we can tell, it's a welcome addition. As mentioned before, black depth suffers when viewed from side angles.

Side Viewing Angles

We've always seen a weakness with side viewing angles when it comes to these large format Sharp LED TVs. I will say that things are improving slightly. It definitely isn't going to compete with the high end LED TVs on the market, but it will be just fine in the right viewing room. The TV loses some contrast and color saturation due to the edge lit LEDs and the pure size of the TV.

240Hz Screen Refresh Rate

The Sharp LC-70LE750U boasts an excellent refresh rate of 240Hz. The jump to 240 from 120 is not as noticeable 60 to 120, but it a welcome addition that adds a great deal of value to the TV. Fast refresh rates are ideal for live sports programming, video games, and fast action scene of all kinds. The AquoMotion 240 scanning feature pushes the screen a little further with much greater screen clarity. It's a feature best left off for normal TV and movie viewing.

Smart TV, Wifi

Sharp's built in Wifi comes in handy in the LC-70LE750U to connect to the Smart TV Internet options for 2013. There is a dual core processor to allow you to watch TV, while toggling among Smart TV options. The processor also speeds the Smart TV functions somewhat.

Sharp Smart Central Smart TV

Overall, the Internet TV suite gets by OK. The Sharp Smart Central has Vudu Apps as its main delivery device. Other than that, it's mostly just premium Apps which are prominent in the industry such as Cinema Now, Netflix, Vudu Movies, Blockbuster on Demand, Facebook, Twitter. A few of the Apps included with the Vudu Apps selection are: CNBC App, Discovery, Today, Picasa, New York Times, Ted Talks, CNN Daily, Nightly News (CBS). See our full Sharp Central Smart TV Review here.

Appearance and Design

The appearance of the 750 series is plain and simple, but it works well. The thin black bezels and the black round stand are typical when it comes to TV design. You don't get any of the avant-garde looks of the Samsung F8000 here. The frame is aluminum, which is a nice touch and speaks to the known reliability of Sharp's TVs.

Value — Bang for the Buck

As far as 70-inch screens without 3D capabilities and smart features go, the Sharp LC-70LE750U is a wise choice. The competition for the 70-inch size class is limited, so it is clear that Sharp was aiming for an untapped market. The closest rival is the Vizio E701i. The cost is a great deal less, but sacrifices to picture quality, reliability, and internet features are apparent. The Samsung UN65F6300 sells for a few hundred less with the loss of 5-inches of screen space while the Sony KDL-70R520A is similarly priced as well.

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