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Samsung UN55D6300 Review

Model: Samsung UN55D6300
Description: 55" 1080p LED Backlit LCD Television (super thin)
Reviewer: Robert Wiley and Jack Burden
Dimensions: 50.4" W x 30.1" H x 1.2" D (without stand) / 50.4" W x 32.3" H x 12" D (with stand)
Weight: 39.7 lbs (without stand) / 48.9 lbs (with stand)
Date: Spring/Summer 2011


  • Aesthetics – Contemporary Design 1.2" depth with 1" framing bezel.
  • Heavy attractive swivel stand
  • Good deep black levels/contrast – Avg. to good contrast.
  • Excellent color rendition/saturation and light levels across all signals
  • 120Hz processing with HD signals
  • Great connectivity options for such a thin TV
  • Strong Internet Apps Options
  • Good Value
  • Allshare connectivity may come in handy
  • Clear Coat screen treatment


  • Dark Shadow detail with Non-HD signals
  • No control for judder/dejudder function
  • Side Angle Viewing contrast/black level reduction
  • Audio Quality hollow Volume/Audio output
  • No individual picture and sound setting controls for Netflix

The UN55D6300 is another in the extensive 6 series lineup of LED edge-lit LCD televisions. For an edge-lit television the picture on it is quite impressive and Samsung has improved the 120Hz feature for 2011. On all the previous year's LCDs we've recommended turing the feature off but this year we are not doing that.

The internet connectivity, now called Smart TV, is another improvement for the 2011 6 series, the menus are more user friendly and the whole system just seems faster.

Value Rating: 8/10

Price Considerations: At $2069 at online authorized merchants, this is a compelling mid range LED-backed LCD with excellent HD video quality, super thin design, the new Allshare feature, and lots of Internet Apps. Video quality wanes somewhat with non-HD signals and viewing angle contrast degradation and sound quality are concerns. Competition comes from the Sony KDL55EX620.

Picture Quality Rating (HD): 9/10

Color Accuracy and Detail are evident in this HD shot from the movie Troy

We were impressed with the high definition picture quality on the D6300, in last year's 6 series we noticed some inconsitant performance in both blue tones and gray scales but those issues have been sorted out in the 2011 6 series models. Color rendition is realistic and greens and blues show none of the problems we noted last year. The AutomotionPlus improvements are also striking, in many cases these high hertz rate features can ruin a great movie with what we have termed the "soap opera effect" but it appears to be cured in the current D6300 series.

Picture Quality Rating (Non-HD): 7/10

This non-HD shot is from the Netflix instant watch feature.

With non-HD sources the picture quality isn't as strong as it was for HD sources. The judder reduction isn't adjustable and it reduces depth of field and natural background blur causing 480p and 480i material to look as if it was shot on cheap video instead of film. Color and light output were still a strong point though shadow detail wasn't as impressive

Features Rating: 8/10

The Smart TV main screen on the D6300.

Smart TV offers access to many streaming video sources and has a very robust store with many free and paid-for applications. Everything from news, weather and other information to simple games like hold 'em poker and sudoku to workout videos and HD screensaver slide shows of art and photography. We feel that Samsung has the strongest online line-up currently available in connected TVs.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Samsung UN55D6300 Picture Settings and Calibration Results


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