Samsung UN55D6300 User Reviews

Outstanding TV! by P. Malone

I did quite a bit of research on televisions before purchasing the D6300. Then, spent a lot of time at Best Buy comparing picture quality, which is pretty useless by the way, as Best Buy hooked all of their TV's up via coax cable, and the pictures aren't as sharp as they could be.

Setting up the unit was amazingly easy, without a single problem or glitch. I wall mounted the unit, using a low profile mounting bracket, and with the 1.2" thickness of the TV, it only protrudes about two inches from the wall. And, playing blu-ray vids shows you how phenomenal the picture is.

I read the rest of the reviews here, and some of the negative comments baffle me. The viewing angle on the TV is great! I can watch the TV at almost 90 degrees off center with no loss of quality. And, when connecting the TV to a newer amp, you can control the amp as well as the TV with the remote.

One of the best features of this TV is the two way audio, (only available on HDMI 2). When you are accessing the built in apps on the TV, the sound is automatically routed back through the HDMI cable to the amp and you don't have to use the TV speakers.

Overall, I have zero complaints about the TV and am completely satisfied.

Don't put too loud!!! And buy a separate keyboard for internet by April

We absolutely LOVE this TV. However, it takes some work to get this TV right. Here are some of the issues we've encountered and have rectified:

The sound quality is horrific. The speakers are terrible since this TV is so thin, and you absolutely need surround sound in order to hear everything properly. We've read that this is the case for most new TV's and not just this one. Constantly having the surround sound on is a problem with apartment living, so just be AWARE of this before you purchase this TV. You actually cannot listen to it without surround sound because you will blow the speakers. We couldn't put our sound past the number 14 without hearing static coming from the speakers. We were also having some blur issues at the time so we exchanged it. Best Buy gave us a BIG problem with this and had the geek squad hook up the TV in the store before the exchange. They said the sound quality was fine and speakers were not blown. We refused to keep the TV and they finally issued the exchange.

The picture quality is AMAZING once you figure out the settings! It took my fiancee about a week to play with the settings and even then he couldn't get rid of the blur issues he had when playing his PS3. When we exchanged the TV, the geek squad gave us some helpful hints on optimizing the quality of viewing and which settings to use. This is what they recommended: Under menu, picture, choose "movie" mode. Also under menu, picture, picture options, auto motion plus, choose "smooth". That helped a lot, but we tweaked the settings even further. We changed auto motion plus to clear, and took only a few picture quality settings from the "dynamic" setting such as color, brightness, etc and used it under the "movie" mode because we felt dynamic gave you best color & picture, and movie mode the best quality with the blur issues. patient, but once you get the setting right you will be amazed!!!

As for the smart TV part of this need to purchase a separate keyboard & box that communicates with the keyboard. Using the smart TV through the standard TV controller will make you pull your hair out!!! I still have to hook up the keyboard because the first time I tried there was a communication issue with our wireless router. Once it's hooked up, I will definitely use the internet more. It's pretty cool to watch my favorite youtube video's on this gigantic TV!!!

Fabulous TV by 1artworkz

Pros: Great picture. Set up was easy. Lots of Features

Cons: Remote needs to be redesigned. 5 button Select should be closer to Vol and CH buttons. Number pad should be at the bottom of the remote. Mute, Pre-Chanel and CC should be in the same area closer to the Vol button.

Summary: If you want the best picture, this is the one.

Samsung UN55D6300 by GJ

I don't know whether to consider the picture realistic...or too realistic. It took a little getting used to from my Hitachi pro series. Looks great hanging above the mantle. Haven't spent much time with the "smart" features and probably won't. One thing I don't like is that for whatever reason when replaying certain shows via DVR the motion gets screwy. Otherwise, I consider the purchase a success.

Samsung Flat Screen TVs UN55D6300 by Zigmond P.

Execellent quality widescreen 1080 TV. Good Color, Sound, and Internet Access to view internet programming. However the Interface to the internet access is not as easy as it could be though. In a day when we all use smart phones with little problems the Samsung interface is a far way from ease of use. Need improvement there. Also the TV does not interface with Mac products. Some work needs to be done here as well.


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