Samsung ES6100 Expert Picture Settings Calibrations

by Robert Wiley, Senior Editor

A television in the process of being calibrated before we begin our review.

ES6100 Calibration Notes: The ES6100 has great calibration D6500K through the 10 point white balance. There is a complete well-designed CMS (color management system) including luminance for each color. The calibration menu system is user-friendly for these adjustments. For a more natural looking picture in mid to darker light rooms in the ES6100 series without a lot of side effects try following the below settings, which may look dim and subdued compared to the preset standard standard settings. However, our settings do not not remove the natural background blur of the images. Unless there is a lot of window light coming into the room these settings should work well. If that is the case try turning up the backlight and if that still is not bright enough then go to the Standard setting. You would only need these options.

Post Calibration Settings

Picture Mode Movie
Backlight 16
Contrast 95
Brightness 45
Sharpness 15
Color 50
Tint G50/R50

Advance Settings

Dynamic Contrast Off
Black Tone Off
Flesh Tone 0
RGB Only Mode Off
Color Space Auto
10pt White Balance On
Gamma +1
Expert Pattern Off
xvYCC Off

Picture Options

Color Tone Warm2
Digital Noise Filter Off
MPEG Noise Filter Off
HDMI Black Level Low
Film Mode Off
Auto Motion Plus Off
LED Motion Plus Off

10pt White Balance


Interval Red Green Blue
1 0 -1 -1
2 -1 -1 -1
3 0 0 0
4 -1 0 +1
5 -1 -1 +1
6 -1 -1 -1
7 -1 -1 -1
8 0 0 0
9 +1 0 0
10 +2 0 0

White Balance

Setting Value
R-Offset 25
G-Offset 25
B-Offset 28
R-Gain 18
G-Gain 23
B-Gain 21

Screen Adjustment

Picture Size Screen Fit

Measured Contrast (with OTC1000)

100 IRE (Y) 55.3625
O IRE (Y) 0.0222
Ratio (x:1) 2493.8063

A pre-calibration snapshot of the Samsung ES6100 series (click to enlarge)

A post-calibration snapshot of the Samsung ES6100 series (click to enlarge)

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