LG 55GA6400 vs. LG 55GA7900 (also 47GA6400 vs. 47GA7900)

GA6400 Series vs GA7900 Series

by , Senior Editor

There are a few significant differences in the LG GA7900 vs. GA6400.

The first and most obvious is the Cinema Screen almost bezel-less design of the GA7900. The GA6400 still has a nice thin 1 inch frame but it is more visible. It's also slightly deeper.

The second major difference is the Hz rate with the GA7900 having 240Hz for faster speed processing and gaming capability. The GA6400 has a 120Hz panel.

A 2.1 sound system is included in the GA7900. The GA6400 is available in more sizes (5) and will sell as a mid to high market LED TV for 2013/2014. Both TVs have the new QWERTY keyboard Magic Remote so there is a nice upgrade there.

The GA7900 has LGs best video processing engine, color and black level along with better calibration capabilities.

A shot of the Google TV interface.
On the TV and Movies screen you can see how Google TV searches for and displays content to the user. Google TV also pulls from various sources.

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