LG 24LN4510 Review

720p, 24 Inch HDTV 60Hz

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LG 24LN4510 LED TVThe LG 24LN4510 is a great option for those looking for a LED TV with a small form factor on a budget. Not many TV manufacturers fill this niche. This is a no bells and whistles set that only offers one HDMI input and 720p resolution. Unless this is going to serve as a computer monitor, the resolution shouldn't be a concern. 720p content on the small 24 inch screen is going to look great. LG has included some great connectivity features to get a little more life out of this one since there are no Smart TV features.

The 4500 series has two different model numbers. The 4500 and the 4510. Both are the same with the 24 and 29 inch sizes assigned 4510 while the 22 and 26 sizes are marked with 4500.

Direct LED Backlighting

The direct LED backlighting on the 24LN4510 is a little different from the edge-lit variety. First of all, it deepens the cabinet by an inch or two so the LEDs can fit behind the screen. This style of backlighting is very bright and produces a brilliant image. That's one of the biggest pros. The direct LED lighting also creates bright colors and strong contrast for a budget television. Granted, the picture seen here is nowhere near the mid and top tier TVs from LG. It is supposed to create better screen uniformity as well. From what we've seen this year, it's only going to be better by a small amount if at all.

Connectivity Features

Even as a budget television, the LN4510 has a few connectivity options for playing back content from other sources. The single USB port is located on the side of the TV and accepts a variety of formats. They are: DivX HD, JPEG, JPG, MPO, AC3 (Dolby Digital), EAC3, HAAC, AAC, MPEG, MP3, PCM, DTS. That leaves a lot of choice for those that have a library of digital media.

There is also the MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) option for connecting smartphones. This requires a special cable that is able to transfer data at high rates for playing back high definition audio and video.

Bang for the Buck Summary

The 24LN4510 doesn't have a lot of direct competition, so that alone makes it a good value if it is going to work for you. Toshiba's 23L1350U is a similar budget set with one less inch. It comes at a better price point, but the picture quality has drops slightly as well. If the size concern is the driving factor in looking for a 24 inch TV, this one is going to get the job done right. Overall, the price may be a little above average.

Quick Specs

  • 23.5” diagonally measured screen
  • TV without stand (W x H x D) - 21.9" x 13.5" x 2.5"
  • TV with stand - 21.9" x 15.4" x 5.5"
  • 8.2 pounds with stand
  • Picture Modes- Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sport, Game, Expert1, Expert2
  • (2) 5 watt down firing speakers
  • 1 HDMI, 1 USB

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