Samsung UN46H7150 Review (UN46H7150AFXZA)

46 inch 1080p 240Hz Smart 3D LED TV

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Samsung 7 Series LED TVThe picture quality on the UN48H7150 is as good as it gets for a flat panel 1080p LED TV from Samsung this year. The H8000 is 1080p, but with a curved screen. The picture qualities are very similar (we've reviewed them side by side) and the key to this is the clear coat screen and similar contrast levels. The biggest difference is in the micro-dimming picture quality feature. The H8000's micro-dimming really makes for increased contrast where needed while the H7150's micro-dimming failed to make a difference that was noticable. A big plus for the H7150 series over the H6450 series is the inclusion of the split screen Smart TV feature. All of this can be had for an attractive price of $1,299. Not too shabby considering that this one will be one of the best contenders in the flat 1080p ring this year.


  • Contrast, Color, Black Levels are excellent for an LED TV
  • Stong LED edge lighting produces top notch light flow-through for dynamic images
  • SD programming upconversion looks great
  • Game Mode is perfect for gamers
  • Quad core processor makes the Smart Hub run very smooth and fast
  • Smart Hub has a great mix of usefull paid and free apps
  • Automotion plus really comes in handy for optimizing 3D content picture quality
  • Appearance/Design is very impressive
  • New split screen feature makes the Smart Hub even more useful
  • Smart touch remote now has point and click functionality


  • Side angle viewing for 2D content
  • Worse side angle viewing for 3D content
  • AutoMotion Plus really highlights unnatural effects to 2D shows and movies
  • Microdimming on the H8000 and above is much more effective


  • TV guide is nice, but probably isn't going to replace a cable or satellite box guide
  • Wifi Connectivity works well
  • Audio and Volume is good but not the best (2 woofers built-in help)
  • Voice Recognition may come in handy for getting around the Smart Hub
  • Color saturation very good but no competition for plasma displays of days past

    Picture Quality Rating: 90/100

    Strong LED Edge Backlight

    Just like the F7100 from last year, the light flow through created by the LED Backlight on this TV is amazing. We consider it one of this TVs best picture quality characteristics. LED edge lighting is known to cause uniformity issues, but it can be addressed with a simple adjustment. Tone down the LED backlight in the picture settings menu to keep it from causing some uneven screen uniformity issues. 80% is a setting the what we usually recommend. This will keep screen uniformity issues from arising and you still have plenty of brightness from this super bright LED TV. Having powerful LED backlighting in case you need it for super bright room conditions is a plus.

    Samsung UN46H7150 LED TV
    This shot is an excellent example of the stunning color reproduction and contrast H7150 can muster. A strong display of depth is seen here as well

    240Hz Refresh Rate

    The 240Hz panel on the UN46H7150 is a top of the line feature that really adds to the overall value of the set. Higher refresh rates like this reduce a lot of motion blur and judder from fast motion and side to side panning. LCD/LED TVs have always had a hard time with this, but it's getting better. A faster refresh rate also makes the TV better suited for gaming and sports programming.

    Standard Definition Up-Conversion - Beautiful

    All content is not 1080p, even with 4K taking the tech scene by storm. There is still a ton of content you are viewing in lower quality resolutions. Over-the-air broadcasts, video games, streaming media. These are not all 1080p yet. The 46H7150 does a great job of up-converting the signal to HD and displaying in a near HD quality. The H7150 yielded a top notch picture from my trusted Risky Business DVD in 480. The top samsung LEDs are excellent at this up-conversion.

    Samsung UN46H7150 LED TV
    Once again we see the excellent contrast and picture depth the 46H7150 can pull off. The super thin bezels are a great bonus

    3D Dual View

    Active 3D viewing quality on the UN46H7150 provides an excellent performance like the F7100 predecessor. Samsung's active 3D glasses are the lightest and most comfortable in the active-3D marketplace and now have a new rounded design. Aside from that there is little difference as there was not much to improve upon. There is little to no crosstalk or distraction when viewing 3D content, but keep away direct light from the front of the room in which you are viewing or you will likely get a slight flicker from the edges of the glasses.

    Dual View actually works great now and the picture is stunning. You can watch two different programs on the same screen with two people (or more) wearing active 3D glasses. It even works with 1 HDMI input.You can toggle back and forth between the two programs on as well by pressing a small button on the ear-handle of the glasses.

    Samsung UN46H7150 3D Glasses
    These are the 3D glasses for 2014 model Samsung LED TVs. The button to engage Dual View is located on one of the arms

    Features Rating: 92/100

    Samsung Smart Hub

    The Smart Hub keeps the same basic design as last year with subtle improvements. Samsung hit the mark with their user interface and intuitive nagivation. This time around you will see a Game tab as one of the major smart TV pages. The Smart Hub also allows for logins so each member of the family can have recommendations tailored to their viewing history. These changes show that Samsung really pays attention to the details when it comes to user experience. Just like last year the Smart Hub is one of the best options for a good smart TV experience. The quad core processor is just icing on the cake.

    Touch Pad Controller and Split Screen Multitasking

    Samsung UN46H7150 Touchpad Remote
    This year's touch remote features an egg shape with a smaller touch pad, but more buttons

    Surfing the web and the Smart TV features is a breeze with the new touchpad remote. It's much faster and easier than a traditional 5-way controller. The actual touch pad is a bit smaller this year, but that's okay because it now supports motion control. This brings it closer to LG's Magic Remote. The smaller touch pad also leaves room for more useful buttons on the remote instead of the on-screen menus. The voice recognition only works for inputting searches if the soft keyboard for the search field is open. The new split screen feature is another addition that we think is a move in the right direction by Samsung. This makes it easy to view live TV and browse the web or use social media at the same time. This is made possible by the quad-core processor.

    Samsung UN46H7150 Split Screen Smart TV
    Here you can see the newest and extremely useful faeture of the Samsung Smart Hub, split screen multitasking

    Sound Quality

    There is plenty of volume from the speakers on the H7150 and quality is consistently good though not as rich as some we've tested. Samsung is getting in on the trend of adding small woofers into the cabinets. There are (2) 10 watt woofers and (2) 10 watt speakers here, so you are going to get some decent sound out of this one. Thankfully, there are no hollow or tinny effects in the sound as we've noticed from years past. External sound systems are usually going to be the best way to go, and that still applies to this TV.


    The arch stand beneath the display is a new look for Samsung. It reminds us of the design LG uses in most of their mid to high tier LED TVs. The glossy black plastic bezels measure in at an astounding 0.2 inches. This really helps with the frameless image look. The overall look is very sleek with a depth of just under 2 inches.

    Samsung UN46H7150 LED TV Design and Appearance
    This is a new look for Samsung. The arching stand under the display give the TV a low profile look

    Value - Bang for the Buck Rating: 90/100

    The UN46H7150 is a very complete package when you really look at it. It also starts at around $1,299. That's $100 less than the F7100 started at last year. You get some of the best features, a solid smart TV experience, and stellar picture quality. You give up a few high end features such as the quad-core processor, but in all I think this models covers most of the very important bases. Competition in the high end 1080p LED TV arena has been greatly reduced by the introduction of 4K and OLED models that are capturing the attention of manufacturers. The closest competitors for the year will be top tier Sony LED TVs and new upcoming models from LG.

    Overall Rating: 91/100

    Jack Burden Jack Burden has been reviewing and writing reviews in the consumer electronics category for 7 years with CEAG. He considers grayscale gradation, film patterned retarders, and focus field drives to be fun topics. Read more about Jack
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