Samsung UN46D6400

46" 1080p 3D Compatible LCD/LED TV

Picture and Viewing Features

The UN46D6400 uses a 1080p, 240Hz LCD panel with LED edge lighting, the edge lighting is capable of local dimming for increased contrast in dark scenes and better contrast than LED or LCD televisions with constant back lighting.

These Samsung LED panels can get very bright and they produce rich, saturated color. Sometimes the colors can appear oversaturuated but many viewers like that look and broadcast and cable networks comply by oversaturating their content. Color leap off the screen but if you desire more realistic color you can use the wide variety of picture controls to tone down the appearace to one more suitable for your viewing.

2D to 3D conversion returns in the D6400, while we were not wholly impressed by this feature last year, content shot in 2D will never have the pop of content shot with a 3D camera, however it would be nice to see improvement in this feature.


Unlike the 7000 and 8000 series TVs, the UN46D6400 has a slim, front bezel that is surrounded by a thin strip of clear acryllic. It's a good look, the brushed metal bezel looks very modern yet is subdued and doesn't take anything away from the screen. ANother aesthetic hit from Samsung, the D6400 will look great in just about any viewing room.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

High end Samsung TVs will include their new "Smart Hub" in 2011, this divides the connected features of the TV into categories:

  • Samsung Apps: Samsung was the first to offer an HDTV app store similar to the ones you find on today's smartphones. There is plenty of free content like YouTube, Pandora, streaming media and social media content and there is also premium content that varies in price but is for the most part cheap.
  • Your Video: Based on what content you watch this area of the Smart Hub will suggest content you may enjoy based on your viewing habits.
  • Search All: Search your TV, any DLNA connected devices and even networked PCs all at the same time. Quickly find the content you are looking for

Standout Features

Bright, colorful LED backlit LCD panel has excellent black levels thanks to local dimming

Expanded Internet Features give you more to watch, all the time and the included web browser and WiFi are standouts amongst those.


The D6400 has plenty of connection options, plenty of HDMI 1.4 inputs, analog component and composite video and for the first time Samsung is including built in WiFi in a television.

Samsung UN46D6400 Value Rating Review

-Jack Burden, Editorial Contributor


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