Samsung UN40D6000 Price

Samsung UN40D6000 Review

Model: Samsung UN40D6000 (also UN40D6050)
Description: 40" 1080p LED Backlit LCD Television (super thin)
Reviewer: Robert Wiley and Jack Burden
Date: Spring/Summer 2011

Value Rating: 8.5/10

Price Considerations: At a price as low as $987 online from authorized Internet dealers, this is a compelling mid range LED-backed LCD with excellent HD video quality, super thin design, and lots of Internet Apps. Video quality wanes somewhat with non-HD signals and viewing angle contrast degradation is a concern at times. But without all the extra features such as 3D compatibility, Dejudder controls, or a searchable Smart Hub suite, Samsung has been able to put this TV out at a great price point. Competition comes from the Sony KDL40EX620.


  • Aesthetics – Contemporary Design 1.2" depth with 1" framing bezel
  • Heavy attractive swivel stand
  • Good deep black levels/contrast – Avg. to good contrast
  • Excellent color rendition/saturation and light levels across all signals
  • 120Hz processing with HD signals
  • Great connectivity options for such a thin TV
  • Strong Internet Apps Options
  • Good Value


  • Dark Shadow detail with Non-HD signals
  • 120Hz processing removal of natural background blur
  • No control for judder
  • Side Angle Viewing contrast/black level reduction
  • Audio output hollow Volume/Audio output

Has a narrow black frame of around an inch, with a beautiful acrylic trim. This LED will be a very competitively priced model with attractive aesthetic features but without providing some of the features that add lots of cost to the TV. It is a 60Hz edge lit LED backlit LCD, with 3 HDMI inputs. You get the benefits of that bright LED backlighting without worrying with Internet TV options (SmartHub for 2011) or higher Hz rates. It will not offer 3D compatibility, it is a value priced LED that we expect to do well in the mainstream market.

These Samsung LED panels can get very bright and they produce rich, saturated color. Sometimes the colors can appear oversaturuated but many viewers like that look and broadcast and cable networks comply by oversaturating their content. Color leap off the screen but if you desire more realistic color you can use the wide variety of picture controls to tone down the appearace to one more suitable for your viewing.

Picture Quality Rating (HD): 9/10

A shot from the Blu Ray of Troy, realistic flesh tone in the foreground and depth and color accuracy in the background - just what we like to see.

HD picture quality is superb for the most part. The previous issues with AutoMotionPlus are non-existent with HD content. In fact the replacement feature LEDMotionPlus didnt seem to have any impact on motion lag or judder with HD signals. When we turned the feature on the picture got a little darker (presumably from a decreased backlight output) but that was it. We did not note any difference in the performance of the TV - even in motion scenes. So we recommend leaving the feature off.

Picture Quality Rating (Non-HD): 7/10

Features Rating: 8/10

Audio Output: Volume levels from the 46D6000 were sufficient from its 10W X 10W built in speakers. But the sound quality is hollow, and somewhat tinny. We highly recommend going into the Sound menu and selecting the SRS TruSurround feature which gave a nice improvement to sound quality. We also recommend changing the Sound Mode from Standard to Clear Voice to allow for better voice quality. This feature, while seemingly reducing volume output will eliminate some of the echo effect and tighten overall sound performance quality.

Overall Rating: 8.25/10

Samsung UN40D6000 Picture Settings and Calibration Results


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