Samsung LN32D450 Review

Model: Samsung LN32D450
Description: 32" LCD TV
Resolution: 1366 X 768 (720p)
Reviewer: Robert Wiley
Date: Summer 2011

One of Samsung's best selling TVs from 2010 was the predecessor LN32C450 LCD TV. No wonder they decided to replicate with production of the LN32D450 which has many of the same features. Upgrade features include SRS TruSurround HD, a third HDMI input, the ability to watch video off a USB thumb drive and Samsung's AnyNet+ which allows communication between similarly equipped Samsung home theater equipment.

A standard definition picture from Braveheart shows decent color and light for a 32" TV, but well below quality of the better TVs in the market.

Color rendition is a bit dim with non-HD sources. There doesn't seem to be enough light throughput at times to enrich colors. We noted some jerky motion artifacts in the background of some scenes. However, I did not see much offensive negatives in the foreground and was very pleased with the detail offered in 480i in general. I certainly would not describe the picture as poor but it's not going to overwhelm you either.

Light throughput on the LN32D450 was a slightly weak. A shot from the Blu Ray version of Troy

Picture performance was much better in HD through HDMI input. Colors had more pop. There is still some slight blurring from judder effects when slowly panning. Overall, we did not see much if any improvement from last years C450 series. As with most LCD TVs with an anti glare screen rather than a clear screen the picture depth is lacking overall. Picture presentation is somewhat flat.

On a very positive note, once calibrated the D450 had good dark shadow detail with little definition lost in dark scenes.

Black levels in the 32D450 are below average for today's TVs. Post calibration contrast measured 1301:1 which is much better than we expected the 32" TV would yield.

The 32D450's LCD Panel has an inherent antiglare effect which will work well in rooms with lots of surrounding light.

Even after calibration, color accuracy on the LN32D450 is a little off. Notice the turquoise blue in the uniforms of the Trojans in this scene from Troy

The Samsung LN32D450 does not have Internet feature functionality.

Samsung's proprietary technology AnyNet is included as an option which allows easy communication between Samsung devices and sharing of remote controls.

The input selection of the LN32D450 gives an ample 3 HDMI inputs, a composite, component, USB (which allows video viewing). The component and composite inputs cannot be shared - only one at the time.

Aesthetic design appeal is one of the strengths of the LN32D450 as there is a lack of good looking attractively prices 32" TVs in the marketplace. The design is little changed from last years C450 with a slight scarlet red touch of color at the bottom of the framing bezel and surrounding the frame. You almost cant believe how light the TV is upon lifting it, a scant 15.7 pounds. The TV is 3.25" in depth so not of the super thin variety, but the lines are very clean and the oval stand is a nice looking accompaniment. The depth is 8" with the stand. The included non-swivel table top stand is very light and plastic and requires some assembly (8 screws) to attach the TV. There is no screwdriver included and we had a difficult time getting the screws tightened enough to fully secure the TV.

The remote control is large, basic, is not backlit, but contains sufficient controls - especially for this size of TV. There is a nifty "tools" key that allows from quick selection of frequently used controls. The onscreen overlay menu is very complete with some surprising inclusions such as Advanced Picture settings.

Aspect ratio picture sizing options include basic Zoom 1, Zoom 2, 16:9, 4:3. The algorithmic sizing remedies in the TVs processing do a nice job. Quick access to aspect ratio size is provided by the P. Size button on the remote control.

Audio Output Quality: There are two inbuilt 10 watt speakers. At 50% of volume the D450 produced enough output from a 10 foot distance. The sound output is of average quality. One option that helps somewhat is the SRS TruSurround option in the Sound Menu. Samsung's Clear Voice feature is not offered on this TV.

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