LG 55LM8600 and 47LM8600 Series Calibrations and Picture Settings

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Calibrated Picture Settings: We utilized to 2-point white balance control to get close to D6500K without having to go the full 20-point white balance route. After much testing with the LED "local dimming" feature, we decided it was better left to the Off position. The Picture Mode settings and calibration controls for the LM8600 are very complete and it also contains ISFccc connection for easy Calman or other software calibration. There are also luminance settings for RGBYCM. The following settings still allow plenty of backlight for a well-lit picture. You will find these settings show a bit more luminance and better dark shadow detail than the standard Cinema setting. Turning the backlight up a few notches will help with brighter room situations.

Following is a run down of the different preset picture mode settings:

  • Standard - lots of blue push - vibrant
  • Vivid - uses too much contrast and everything else - especially edge enhancement - not recommended
  • Cinema - Very good setting for movies
  • Expert 1 and 2 - Can be programmed by the user
  • Game - Specially designed for better gaming and the dual gaming mode setting for fast action


Post Calibration Settings: Gamut

Energy Saving OFF
Picture Mode ISF Expert 1
Backlight 45
Contrast 85
Brightness 58
H Sharpness 20
V Sharpness 20
Color 58
Tint G6
Super Resolution OFF
LED Local Dimming OFF
Dynamic Contrast OFF
Noise Reduction OFF
MPEG Noise Reduction OFF
Black Level LOW
Color Gamut STANDARD
Edge Enhancement OFF
Color Filter OFF
Color Temp WARM
Method 2 Point IRE
Pattern OUTER

Color Management System White Balance

Color Tint Luminance
Red 1 5 2
Green 3 6 0
Blue -10 -8 2
Yellow -2 -1 0
Cyan 3 8 1
Magenta -3 0 0

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