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Vizio M3D550KD Review

55" Full HD 1080p, Smart TV, 240Hz

by Robert Wiley, Senior Editor

The model enters the 2012 Televisions market with a promising price point and several new attributes and features that will make it compelling.

Picture and Viewing Features

240Hz SPS Processing

The M3D550KD has 240Hz processing for faster quicker display in order to combat the effects of motion blur and judder in fast action scenes and sports programming. It's usually a nice feature to have – especially for sports where it makes the content look so life like.

Passive 3D

There is passive 3D included in this model TV which is a great way to have lots of friends enjoy 3D without a lot of cost on extra glasses. 2 pairs of glasses are included in the box. Vizio touts the user friendliness of 3D passive viewing as more or a benefit than active. Though the passive 3D on the M3D550KD does not have as much depth as active 3D televisions on the market it does save a good bit of the cost.


This 47" LED backlit TV has the newer high performance SRS TruSurround feature to add to an already pretty good sound system. The sound system is designed to further immerse the viewer in the experience on screen by delivering high-definition sound quality. It also focuses more attention on delivering clearer crisper voice related audio in the treble area.

Vizio Smart TV V.I.A.

Vizio is introducing M3D550KD, an HDTV with Vizio Internet Apps (V.I.A.), a service that lets users access everything on the web without using a PC or set-top box. V.I.A. gives users instant access to favorite programs like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody, VUDU, and Yahoo! TV Widgets. All these options are available with just the press of a button.

V.I.A. TVs also let people search the Yahoo! Connected TV Store for TV apps from familiar brands like Amazon, CBS, QVC, USA Today, Fandango, Pandora, Showtime, and more. Some TV apps are free, others are paid. But with the Yahoo! Connected TV Store, users have wide access to movies, sports, news, music, photos, and social networking sites. And with a VAP430 Stream Player, users can access even more web content and video services; the versatile entertainment portal lets users explore the web and pull up their personal content from their hard drives on the TV.

Standout Features

Wifi Ready

Full QWERTY Keyboard Two sided remote

Smart TV Options through Vizio Internet Apps

240Hz Refresh Rate Panel and Processing

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