Sony KDL40EX640 (KDL-40EX640) Review

40" 1080p Bravia LED Back Lit LCD TV KDL-40EX640

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  • Appearance and Design is Clean and Sharp with new perforated texture feel. It's also anti glare because it is slightly rounded on the face
  • Image colors are realistic and not oversaturated
  • Ambient Light Sensor good for non-picky viewers
  • Smooth up-conversion of SD signals from Bravia Engine 3. Even picture presentation overall.
  • No backlight uniformity issues to note with the backlight control kept in check
  • 240Hz Motionflow for faster refresh rate for fast action/sports playback helps reduce any motion lag
  • Sony's Best 40" LCD TV for 2012
  • Deep Black Levels


  • Off angle viewing contrast degrades at around 25 degrees
  • Screen has more of a matte finish with more in room light glare (as opposed to reflection from clear coat screens). Matte screen reduces some of the depth and color
  • Slight flicker from Ambient light sensor occasionally when on screen lighting changes dramatically
  • Free Internet Options are not good and browser is next to worthless
Sony KDL46EX640
A sharp colorful picture from the BluRay of Mama Mia on the KDLEX640

Picture Quality Rating: 8.3/10

Colors do pop more on this model than on last years which is an improvement but we would still like to see more saturation. I guess that's why this is a great value model.

One thing to know about black levels on this TV is that they appear very inky and deep on the top and bottom bars in a 16:9 format mode but can be a little more washed out on the picture itself. This is also in part to the anti reflective coating on the screen, though we appreciate their depth on the bars which helps add contrast to the entire picture.

Sony EX640 Series LED TV

Sometimes dark shadow detail is a bit lacking in the KDL40EX640 as the screen filter on this TV causes a hazy appearance with some programming on the screen. One remedy to this problem is turning up the Brightness setting some. This will cause better definition in dark areas, but a less penetrating black level and contrast.

This gray scale ramp shown from a side viewing angle shows how colors are affected and distorted from the sides of the EX640. Note the additional color added to grays.

Features Rating: 8.4/10

The inbuilt Ambient light sensor is there for your use if you want it but may be turned off through the menu system. It introduces a slight amount of flicker that the most pure picture hearted will not want to tolerate.

The Motionflow does do a good job in fast action scenes of reducing jerkiness and smoothing out images, but it has its negative side as well as it clarifies the background too much and takes out artistic blur with film based movie material. Aside from that, it is great with sports and other fast action.

The 40EX640 includes the very oh, so average and mediocre Sony Entertainment network. See our full review of it here.

Sony KDL55EX640
Sony's Menu system on the EX640

The Menu system is easy enough to use, though the design is not the most user friendly on the market.

Bang for the Buck Rating: 7.9/10

$900 seems expensive for a mid-grade 40 inch LED-LCD TV does it not? Anyway, that is not only the going price for this TV it is as well for the competition which is the Samsung UN40EH6000, and the Toshiba 40L5200U.

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

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