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Sony KDL-55EX640, KDL-46EX640, and KDL-40EX640Features Review

Following is our take on the features that are included on the 2012 EX640 Series TVs from Sony


EX640 Series Models
KDL-55EX640 KDL-46EX640 KDL-40EX640

MotionFlow XR 240

Sony's MotionFlow XR 240 technology combines 120 frames-per-second with an advanced backlight blinking system to simulate a 240 Hz effect. MotionFlow XR 240 provides smooth and precise detail during fast-action scenes for fast action movies and sports by reducing blur caused by quick camera movements, enhancing image sharpness, and overall creating a clearer picture. You can select between 4 settings - Smooth, Standard, Clear, or Clear Plus.


Provides smooth picture movement for standard use.


Provides smoother picture movement for film-based content.


Reduces motion blur for high-speed picture content.

Clear Plus

Reduces motion blur while maintaining brightness for high-speed picture content.


This function provides improved picture movement and reduces picture blur and graininess for film-based content. There are two settings.

Auto 1

Provides smoother picture movement that the original film-based content.

Auto 2

Displays film-based content with picture expression close to the original by applying a film-specific process.

24p True Cinema (24p Input Capability)

Many movies are filmed at 24 frames per second (fps) and prime time TV programs are video taped at 24p. Seizing on an opportunity, some studios are taking a purist approach and encoding high definition video content such as Blu-ray Disc in 24p. Sony wisely takes advantage of this by including 24p input capability via HDMI on this television producing images that are smooth and natural looking.

Infinite Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Dynamic contrast ratio compares the luminance of a 100 IRE (white) signal with that of a 0 IRE (black) signal. When the TV receives a 0 IRE signal the backlight is turned off and the luminance measurement is 0.00 cd/m2. The resulting dynamic contrast ratio is infinite.


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