Samsung UN39FH5000 Review (UN39FH5000FXZA)

39 inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

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Samsung UN40F5000 LED TV (Samsung UN40F5000AFXZA)Samsung has introduced a slight variation on the F5000 series with the UN39FH5000. It is only available in the 39” size. The biggest difference this model has to offer is the direct LED backlighting over the edge lit type in the F5000 models. This change really boosts the picture quality in terms of brightness and screen uniformity. It does add more than an inch and a half to the depth though. This change also brings the price down a bit to make it a much better value option for great picture quality.

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UN39FH5000 Specifications

Picture Quality

Direct LED Backlighting

The UN39FH5000 features direct LED backlighting rather than the edge lighting seen in the 'F' variation of the 5000 series. Yes this adds some depth to the cabinet of the TV, but screen uniformity performance is excellent. That is perhaps one of the best reasons to go with a direct LED lit TV over the edge lit ones. Another plus is the black levels. For a value model they are quite good. Color is an area in which this backlight does not excel. Saturation compared to plasma and other LED manufacturers is lacking. The backlight can wash them out so we recommend a moderated backlight setting which can be found in the picture controls menu.

1080p Resolution and 60Hz Refresh Rate

The 1080p resolution is an important feature for many buying a new TV. It serves as a sort of future proofing. Most broadcasts and video games are still 720p, but that will change down the line. Native 1080p content is found few and far in-between, but it looks fantastic on this display. The 1080p spec also makes this a nice TV to hook a computer or laptop up to to take advantage of the resolution. It would even be a nice big screen monitor.

Off Center Viewing

Side angle viewing on the UN39FH5000 is decent if not better than the edge lit versions. Contrast and color begin to degrade at about the 30 degree mark. This is typical for LCD/LED TVs and this one is not plagued by terrible viewing angles.


The FH5000 series looks just like the F5000 in terms of design except slight differences. The depth, the width of the bezels, and the Samsung logo are where the changes occur. The depth is the most dramatic change at 3.7 inches instead of the thin 2 inches of the F5000. The bezels are 0.7 inches wide on the FH5000 where they are 0.5 inches on the F5000. The square stand is nothing new. Everything is a glossy black plastic. It's a value TV with a really attractive appearance.


This model will naturally be compared to the UN40F5000 model that it is closest to. That model sells for about $140 more and really only offers a different physical package. If depth of the TV is not important the value of the UN39FH5000 really shows itself. LG's 39LN5300 provides direct competition to this model.

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