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Vizio XVT3D556SP

55" 1080p Tru LED 3D LCD TV

The Tru LED designation on this TV differs from the Razor LED as it is full array local dimming as opposed to edge lighting with local dimming. Full array back lighting lights the screen more evenly and since the light is behind the picture the local dimming does a better job of increasing contrast and black levels in the right places

Picture and Viewing Features

In their 3D TVs Vizio is using passive 3D rather than the active 3D found in most 3D flat panel TVs. The circular polarized 3D glasses are the same type you find in theaters that use the RealD 3D system. THis also means that you can take your glasses with you to the theater and that the cheaper, polarized glasses mean that Vizio can include up to 4 pairs with some of their TVs. Any extra pairs you have to buy will ding your wallet for a lot less as well.

Vizio Says: "Theater 3D™ offers several performance advantages over conventional, "active" 3D systems. Theater 3D™ is up to 2X brighter, significantly reduces crosstalk compared to current Active Shutter LCD TVs, handles fast motion without blurring, has a wider horizontal viewing angle, and has none of the annoying Active Shutter 3D flicker that may cause eye strain. In addition, Theater 3D™ eyewear can be used to view 3D movies in a majority of movie theaters."

Vizio calls thier local dimming "Smart Dimming" and it has the edge lighting divided up into over 120 control zones. These can darken areas of the screen individually allowing for higher contrast in dark scenes. It also cuts down on the energy use of the TV (minmally) but unless you watch a whole lot of TV you probably won't notice it on your power bill.


The Tru LED TVs are not as thin as the Razor LED TVs but we think full array LED backlighting is worth the extra depth. The XVT3D5 Series TVs have a gloss black Bezel around 1" thick on the edges and the speaker on the bottom of the TV.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

VIA is Vizio Internet Apps and they are no longer confined to just televisions, with both tablets and smartphones coming out Vizio is jumping into the app market with both feet. This is good news for anyone who wants online connectivity with their TV. Vizio's internet options are myriad, including but not limited to: Amazon Video On Demand, Facebook, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Twitter, VUDU, and Yahoo! TV Widgets, Fandango, iMemories, MediaBox, My-Cast, TuneIn Radio, Web Videos, Wiki TV and Yahoo Fantasy Football.

The remote has a slide out QWERTY keyboard to make searching for your favorite content a snap and the television includes built-in WiFi to make connecting it to your home network just as easy.

Standout Features

Full array Tru LED back lighting with over 120 local dimming zones.

Passive 3D using circualr polarized glasses. Vizio's 3D TVs include more pairs of glasses than their competitors and extra pairs will cost you a lot less than the active glasses used with most 3D TVs.

Vizio's already strong internet options are even stronger for 2011 with Vizio adding many new streaming services. Vizio has one of the most full featured Internet TV features on the market.

QWERTY Remote and Built-In WiFi are both great conveneince features, selecting letters on an onscreen keyboard is very slow and not having to run long lengths of Cat 5 cable is a bonus. We'd like to see more TV manufacturers offering both of these features.


The XVT3D556SP has enough connections for all your gear, multiple HDMI 1.4 inputs, component and composite analog video, digital and analog audio, PC input, USB, ethernet and the built-in WiFi.

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