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Vizio E241i-A1 (E241) Review

24" 1080p Razor LED edge lit LCD TV

by , Senior Reviewer

Vizio E241i-A1The Vizio E241i-A1 is a budget option for TV shoppers in need of a small TV that will probably be used as a monitor a good bit of the time. The size makes it perfect for the kitchen, office, or dorm room. Since it has 1080p playback it will work very nicely as a computer monitor. The razor design keeps the form factor down so it won't dominate the space it occupies. It comes in at right under $200 so it's a great deal too.

The differences between the E241i and the E240 are the smart TV features and the price. The E241i has the Vizio Internet Apps while the E240 does not. The price also reflects the differences.

Picture and Viewing Features

The E241i-A2 has a bright and clear 1080p picture thanks to the LED edge lighting. Some might wonder why it has full HD resolution since one size up only has 720p. It is going the be very hard to tell the difference on a 24 inch screen for regular programming. The difference comes into play when a computer gets hooked up to the TV. Since it's 1080p there is going to be much more working room becuase computers can put out a 1080p signal. Most over the air broadcasts are still in 720. The 60Hz refresh rate is another thing not to worry about. Once again, motion blur is going to be hard to spot on a TV of this size. This TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1 and 16.7 million colors to make for great picture reproduction. Vizio shedded the local dimming feature on this model of the E-series.


The Razor LED design give it a super slim appearance with a metal frame and stand to boot. Vizio has also slimmed the bezel around the picture so you get more picture for the actual physical size of the TV. This design brings Vizio's TVs an updated appearace that will shine in every living room.


This TV has the same SRS TruSurround speaker system as many of the other entries in the E-series. The TruSurround system is designed to give you a more immersive experience with deep bass and clear dialogue from speakers specifically designed for use in flat panel TVs.

Standout Features


  • 22.08" x 14.31" x 6.2" with stand
  • 22.08" x 14.31" x 1.57" without stand
  • 1080p
  • 60Hz Razor LED Backlit
  • Thin bezel for larger image
  • Plenty of HDMI, USB, component, and PC inputs

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