Toshiba 50L5200U Calibration Picture Settings 46L5200U, 40L5200U

Picture settings for L5200U Series

There are a great deal of picture setting controls and options for this price level TV. The one drawback is a 2 point white balance rather than 10. We were also overall impressed with the preset Picture Modes on this TV especially the Movie 1 and Movie 2 settings which will give you a respectable picture right out of the box. If your room conditions are extremely bright, turn the backlight setting up to 70 or 80.

Picture Settings

Picture Mode:Movie 2







Advanced Picture Settings:


Color Temp:2


Dynamic Contrast:5

Static Gamma:0

Noise Reduction:MPEG NR: Low

Edge Enhancer:off

ClearFrame:On for Sports/Broadcast/Cable, Off for Film

Toshiba 5200 Series LED TV
This shot shots off the good color peformance and detail on the L5200

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