Toshiba 65L7350U Review (65L7350)

65 inch 1080p active 3D Smart LED TV

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Toshiba 65L7350UThe 65L7350U is a big step down from the fully loaded 4K L9300 series above it, but it is the top of the line model when it comes to standard 1080p LCD/LEDs from Toshiba. 3D functionality is the only thing that makes it different from the L7300 series below it. It has the standard feature set that includes Cloud TV connectivity, built-in wifi, a 1080p display, and enhanced audio performance. The 65 inch version is the largest in the series.

Picture Quality Rating: 8.8/10

Active 3D Performance

The quality of the active 3D display was quite surprising on this model. I was still impressed even after viewing the 4K entry from Toshiba. Active 3D allows for a much greater sense of depth in the image creating the illusion of the elements falling into or popping out of the display. The active 3D on the 65L7350U sees images popping out of the screen towards us in a great way. Side angle 3D viewing suffered a bit, requiring a more centered viewing angle. Coloration is nice while image edges are not quite as crisp as some TVs we've tested recently.

Toshiba 65L7350U LED TV
This shot is a great example of the level of detail in bright areas the L7350U is capable of. A noticeable downside is the loss of detail in dark areas. Color rendition is realistic in this picture

240Hz Refresh Rate

The 240Hz refresh rate will be a relief for sports junkies and gamers alike. A high refresh rate like this works to smooth out a good deal of motion blur while reducing side to side judder. It works well for gaming due to the large amount of information sent to the TV while in the heat of battle. When the anti-judder feature is enabled it is much less intrusive than features like this we have seen before. Most of the time unwanted effects occur in the background that are overly distracting making it a useless feature. On the L7350 it works well, but does not totally get rid of the jerky motions.

Features Rating: 8.4/10

Advanced Cloud TV Features

Toshiba is using a cloud based smart TV platform for their LED Cloud Series TVs in 2013/14. It is supposed to create a better and smarter connected experience for the user. This means personalization and finding content are the most streamlined aspects of the smart TV suite. This is done by making it much easier to connect with any type of mobile device you may be using. Toshiba plans to release a companion app to the Cloud TV service that lets users connect with an iOS, Android, or Windows 8 device. This sort of connectivity is good to see and really hits home the praticallity that Toshiba is aiming for. Below is a short list of features to be included with Advanced Cloud TV:

  • Family Calendar is a simple feature that lets family members schedule events in a centralized location.
  • Personal Messaging is kind of like e-mail for the TV
  • Photo Album allows photo storing and sharing.
  • Streaming News lets you customize where your live news is coming from
  • MediaGuide is a TV programming guide with advanced search capabilities and program recommendations
  • Miracast and WiDi  makes it possible to share screens from smarthphones, tablets, and laptops. With both router and peer-to-peer wireless capabilities

Miracast and Widi

These two features let mobile devices, tablets, and laptops share their screens with the TV. I see it being useful in many situations. It will be a breeze to pop some photos on or play a video on the big screen for guests to enjoy. This feature will also make it easy to watch downloaded TV shows and movies. It's a good addition and we are happy to see a little more useful connectivity in 2013/14 TVs. The features works well with You Tube and allows you to keep searching on your Smart phone while it continues to play.

Keyboard Included

A full QWERTY keyboard is included with Advanced Cloud TVs from Toshiba. This inclusion may be a bit much for those who already have some sort of wireless keyboard, but it will be nice for people who hate typing on a scrunched remote QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard will also make it easier to navigate the smart TV menus, use social networks, and browse the web. We see it as a nice added bonus.


Toshiba 65L7350U LED TV Design and Appearance

The L7350 has the same gun metal coloration in the stand and frame as the L9300, but it features a different styled stand. The black bezels are just as thin too. They may not be nearly non-existent like some of the top tier LCD/LED models out there, but they are acceptable here. The stand features a similar square frame design like the L9300 series, but the 65L7350U uses only one arm to hold up the display. It's also got a thin metal strip running along the bottom of the display. This is another simple design that gives a very streamlined appearance.

Value Rating: 9.3/10

At around $1799 the Toshiba 65L7350U is a great high quality product in this massive 65 inch size range. Compare it to the Samsung UN65F7100 which is $800 more expensive for the same 240Hz. Side angle viewing and sound quality aside, this is a very nice TV for the money.

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

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