Toshiba 55SL417U, 46SL417U, 42SL417U User Reviews

Fantastic deal, no regrets! by JP

I recently bought this TV to replace (like so many others) a Mitsubishi DLP. I wasn't interested in a top of the line TV - to me LED wasn't a priority, nor was 3D. I simply wanted a good priced, quality LCD that would properly produce clear HD 1080p resolution. When I came across this TV I was very hesitant to place the order, as there were simply no reviews anywhere. At the size and price it seemed too good to be true. After a few weeks of enjoying the TV I can happily report that I have not been disappointed at all!

However, this TV is certainly not for the hard core techies out there. If you're the type to worry about comparing contrast ratios, refresh rates, and 3D then this probably won't satisfy your needs. Although this TV is listed as an LED, the picture produced is really just a true LCD resolution. You won't get the overly realistic "soap opera effect" that LEDs have, which quite honestly I don't enjoy that much to begin with, except for watching sports. If you're interested in simply producing quality HD picture, then all you really need is 1080p/120hz, and thats exactly what this TV delivers - clear, crisp HD with no blur. Also, the built in wifi is great. It picked up my home wireless signal right away and Netflix and Youtube come in perfectly, and in HD when available. Another extremely pleasant surprise about this TV is its thinness! It is shockingly thin, it easily compares with the Samsung UN-series LED's. When the Amazon delivery guys took it out of the box for assembly they couldn't stop talking about how thin it was - it simply looks like the price should be 3 times as much just for that alone.

The only con, and for many it will be a big con, is the sound. While shopping around I'd read alot of reviews on other TVs about the sound being terrible, comparing them to clock radios and ipod speakers. I couldn't imagine a huge TV producing such poor qualilty sound, and I tended to dismiss these bad reviews as probably coming from tech geeks and audiophiles with the highest standards. However, I can now sympathize with those reviews. The sound on this TV really can be compared to a pair of ipod speakers. It's not really about the loudness (which is on the low side), but its simply about the quality. The sound is very weak and shallow, with no bass whatsoever. Fortunately I have a Sony home theater system, but if I didn't I would definitely have bought one or a sound bar. That being said, at this price you can still go out and buy a great speaker system and you'll still being saving alot of money.

I'd also like to plug the Amazon store card for those that dont know. I signed up for the card just to buy this TV. It gives you the option to finance the TV for 24 months at no interest. So if I choose to go the full 24 months, thats only $52/month to own a 55" LED-LCD. Simply an amazing deal!

I hope this review helps those like me who are looking for a quality 55" LCD at a great price. Trust me, this TV will not disappoint!

Very nice TV by V. Rogatch

Picture quality is amazing on this TV. Colors are vivid. I was watching NBA and Stanley Cup finals on it and it looked so real! I can watch this TV from any angle (well, almost, I cannot see anything from the back of the TV).

Plenty of ports to connect different devices. All ports are located on the left side. It has 4 HDMI ports. TV comes with adapters to connect RCA video and S-video for your old equipment. It has a VGA (PC) port as well. Two USB ports to connect flash drives or other USB storage devices. I was able to connect my external hard drive to it after formatting the drive to FAT32. The only thing I wish the TV had is analog sound out as my sound receiver is rather old and does not have a digital input.

Net TV is a nice feature. You can connect this TV to the internet via ethernet wire or using built-in wireless adapter. Now I do not have to have a PC connected to my TV, I can watch Netflix or Youtube without a PC and I can watch movies or pictures from my external hard drive using the media player app. The media player app is pretty good, although I found out that not all video compression formats are supported. It is good for watching your photos - you can set plenty of different parameters for the slide show (background music can be selected from a folder). I did experience some problems with youtube videos: some videos were slow too load, even when I used wired internet connection, but it could be just slowness on the youtube site.

Sound from the built-in speakers is average, but that's because the TV is so slim! Anyway, who does not have a home theater sound system?

Overall, it's a good choice if you are looking for net connected LED LCD TV. And I trust Toshiba quality, my other Toshiba LCD TV has been running with no issues for 5 years.

Toshiba LED 42SL417U by Steve Frost

Now...I haven't had too many issues w/ this TV and I've had it in our bedroom for about a week now. The speakers are terrible, which was expected, especially on a super-thin LED tv...not a problem since I expected it but you'd think with the amazing sound quality they get out of headphones, that they could do something similar with smaller speakers huh?

I have had no issues after turning off the dynamic volume option and the auto dimming sensor option (would dim every time someone walked in front of the tv or if the sun covered up the clouds since it shines through our windows...was very annoying).

My games look fantastic on it and movies are great and the streaming is a very nice touch since I have a media server in the house. One issue I noticed was the sound is actually worse on the speakers whenever you're streaming from a media server (as opposed to watching tv or gaming) as I streamed from my Ps3 and the sound from the video was fine even on the tiny speakers, but it was terrible when it was streaming straight to the tv from the media browser. I'm sure that I can remedy this once I hook up some 'real' speakers to it eventually.

All in all, it's a great tv..slightly heavier than I expected it to be (think it weighs in at 35lbs?). It's sleek, thin, picture is phenomenal. I have a 46" Samsung LN46A550 in the living room and I notice this one having a much bright picture than my sammy. Overall...I've very satisfied and I got a great deal on it even if it is slightly large for a bedroom setting. ^_^


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