Toshiba 40E220U Review

40" 1080p LCD TV

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The 40 inch 40E220U replaces the 40E210U. This 1080p LCD model is perfect as a second TV for small rooms. It isn't packed with all the latest and greatest features but it provides good picture quality at a solid value.

Picture Quality

The 40E220U does not feature LED back lighting, it uses flourescent lighting to save on production costs. It does not produce the same bright whites as LED but it often has more uniform lighting than LED edge lighting. The cost savings from using CCFL to back light the panel allows you as a consumer to get a good picture at a lower price point.

Black Level

Black levels on the Toshiba 40E220U are satisfactory for a television in this price range. The darkness is inky but it loses detail in low light scenes. Color performance is good, reds are a bit hot but can be dialed back in calibration resulting in a realistic and warm picture.

Back Lighting

Like most every flourescent back lit LCD (and even many LED back lit LCDs) the off angle viewing on this television suffers. At angles more than 25-30 degrees off center the contrast starts to degrade and by 50 or more degrees off center the picture becomes washed out. This is not a concern if the viewer is positioned at the center of the screen but in some room configurations it can be something to keep in mind.


A 60Hz panel suffers none of what we have termed "the soap opera effect", an effect where the television can make even the most high budget productions appear as if they with shot with video on a cheap soap opera set. In scenes with slow camera pans you will notice some judder on the 40E220U but on a budget priced television that is to be expected.

Standout Features

  • Full 1080p, LCD
  • Auto brightness control
  • 2-Way Ported Speakers w/ Audyssey Premium Suite Sound Enhancement

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