Toshiba 23L2300U Review (23L2300)

23 inch LED Backlit LED TV

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The 23 inch TV is perfect for use as a computer monitor. It can also fit nicely in the kitchen or a camper. The 23L2300U is a budget centered model that offers a little more style than the L1350 series below. Not many manufacturers are releasing TVs of this size for 2013/2014, so the L2300 will enjoy being the king of the size. This TV is scheduled to be available for purchase in March 2013.

Toshiba 23L2300U LED TV

Picture Quality

LED backlighting used in the 23L2300U does a lot to improve the overall picture quality on this value model. First, you'll see that the brightness is better than most. Peak whites are not as bright on some of the top tier models out there, but for a low end model the performance is good. Color is also a strong point on the television. Color performance was very solid. One thing I noticed about this TV was the very realistic but saturated color representation. Toshiba provides a number of preset picture modes that do a lot in terms of adjusting the color. Flip through these and see what the TV has to offer. LED backlighting has been known to introduce slight screen uniformity issues caused by uneven lighting. Fortunately these problems can be controlled with a simple adjustment in the picture settings menu.


Toshiba 23L2300U LED TV Design and Appearance

The 23L2300U looks identical to the L4300U above it with slight variations in the color. It sill gets the look Toshiba calls the Gun Metallic Satin Deco. This separates it from the standard black coloration on the L1350 below it. The thin black glossy bezel is seen on the sides and the top only. A wider metal strip runs along below the screen. At first glance this created an off-balanced look, but it grew on me after a few moments.

Value and Price

Toshiba fits the need of smaller TV sized by providing the 23L2300U. The value is somewhat diminished due to the lack of features, but that keeps the price down as well. There really isn't much competition in this size class unless you count some of the dedicated computer monitors out there. The L2300 has a leg up on them because of the TV tuner in it. So the value of this TV really shows in its ability to double as a monitor and a television. When all is said and done the picture quality provided is solid and the price point is attractive.

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