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Sony KDL-55EX500, (55EX501) Review: Bravia LCD HDTV TV Review

Model: KDL-55EX500
Description: 55 LED LCD TV
Resolution: 1920 X 1080
Reviewer: Robert Wiley
Spring/Summer 2010

Sony KDL55EX500 Review
This HD shot from The Pacific shows good contrast and shadow detail through the green/gray filter cast on the soldiers.

The Sony KDL-55EX500 is a lower range LCD with traditional CCFL backlighting that will yield a good stable value for most consumers who want to enjoy Sony functionality while not having to pay top dollar for early adapter features such as super thin design, LED backlighting, or 3D capability – none of which this model contains. The EX500 series lines up in the lower 20% of Sony's offerings for 2010 and can be found at most mainstream retailers.


  • Improved dark shadow detail
  • Improved black levels
  • 120Hz Motionflow feature works
  • Price point
  • Sony functionality in features


  • Processing mediocre, showing grain
  • Colors too subdued at times
  • But not strong enough to eliminate judder, blur
  • Lack of newest features
  • Off Center Viewing Angles contrast decrease

Clearly, Sony has become very competitive in these lower tier models of the Sony lineup. The 55EX500 delivers value and a very good price. Sony has increased sales with these value plays in the last couple of years as many consumers want Sony functionality at a value oriented price. The only upgrade feature of this TV is the 120Hz Motionflow feature. That feature is likely to become standard in LCD TVs soon. At just over $1700, the 55 KDL-55EX500 series LCD offers good value without many of the newest features. Competition comes from the Samsung LN55C630 series at $1700, the LG 55LD650, the Sharp LC-52D78UN, and the Toshiba 55G300U. All of these models are 120Hz with traditional CFL back lighting. Plenty of competition means good pricing in this area. Some of these manufacturers pricing on models are not out yet but we believe the Sony EX500 will be in the middle of this value oriented pack.

SONY KDL-55EX500 Features Overview

The EX500 series from Sony is a step up from the entry level EX400 series and comes in a range of sizes from 60" down to 32". It retains last year's Bravia Engine 2 processor as opposed to the new Bravia Engine 3 processor in the upper tier Sony LCDs. The EX500 series also uses CFL backlighting instead of LED and lacks the internet connectivity of the higher lines.

At a retail price of around $1700 this TV looks to have good value and performance for a 55 inch 1080p, 120Hz LCD television. For inputs it has 4 HDMI, 2 USB, component, composite, PC inputs and more for connecting all your devices. Bravia Link lets you control similarly equipped Sony devices over the HDMI connection. The included swivel stand is also a nice addition.

-Phil Conner




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