Sony KDL55EX720 User Reviews

Great TV by M. Staples

I can see the pores on Sigourney Weaver's face in Aliens. Web interface is nice. If you want any type of bass in your sound it sucks...get a Surround Sound System and you are set. The virtual surround is nice for voice though. I use them both on at the same time.

Didn't expect all the different widescreen formats to be an issue. May have bought one size up for all the black space that accommodates the diff formats, but it's pricey and wasn't even out yet when I bought my 720. I paid $250 more someplace else. Argh.

I bought the Bravia Blu-Ray just because it had built in wifi...the wifi dongle seems to be out of stock a lot. Nice tv. Will probably never use the Who cares. Nice menu and interface. Amazon video service is pretty nice too. Free vids for Amazon Prime members that rival Netflix. The Netflix on-screen app is terrible.

Good TV but could use improvements by Teresa

I watched the price on this TV for several months. Hubby only like Sony which we always have had good luck owning each TV for many years without any performance issues. Don't jinx me. Anyways, I was also able to take advantage of the lowest price match and received a credit for $54 when the price dropped. When I first hooked up this TV right next to my Sony LCD TV, it looked very dim and washed out and I was not happy. When we took it upstairs to put in master bedroom and hooked it up, the picture looks much better, maybe due to lighting since it is less bright in our bedroom. Or it could be because we are not comparing it with the LCD which always going to be brighter and more vivid than LED (since the LCD TV uses more power. I had a hard time connecting to Amazon Prime and had to call Sony support on the weekend. You can't call the toll free number on the weekend, only the long distance line but since I have IP phone service, this is free for me anyways. Connecting to Netflix was very easy. The things I don't like about this TV is that it takes too many clicks to do anything. For example, to put a sleep timer on I would have to do a minimum 5-7 clicks to get to that setup and to get out, I have to do at least 3 more clicks to get out. The remote is kinda weird when you try to put in the batteries, not easy. This TV does not have built in Wi-Fi but I don't mind to connect the ethernet cable directly to an RJ45 port. I could use a switch but that would be one more device that uses energy, and I am trying to conserve energy with this TV.

overall, I think this TV is well worth it. I still watch the price and it has been stabled for several months now. I am sure the price will drop in 2012 when an improved model comes out.

Excellent Quality, Excellent Price by Blake P.

Sony has outdone themselves again with this TV. It is an excellent looking machine and performs beyond my expectations. When combined with a PS3, the picture quality is vibrant and lifelike. There is little to no ghosting or artifacts and controller lag doesnt exist. While the menus could have been a little easire to navigate, I won't complain--setup was quick and easy--the set even found all of my local channels an put together a TV guide. I would highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a mid-range HDTV with high gaming performance or motion capabilities. The package arrived fast and was undamaged. There was a tiny scuff on one of the mounting parts--put the panel covers that up. I now know what brand and from whom I will be getting all my TVs in the future!

My review on KDL-46EX720

After purchasing the TV, along with getting the "Sony Alice In Wonderland 3D Starter Kit" (Starter Kit Includes: 2 pairs Sony 3D Active Glasses, Sync IR Transmitter, High Speed HDMI & Movie) and Tron Legacy in 3D.

There will be minor assembly of putting the Table Top Stand onto the TV, but very easy to do.

I notice right away that there was lack of component connections on the back of the unit. But, after connecting my digital cable and PS3; I went ahead tried to connect the IR Transmitter that is included in the "3D Starter Kit" but to my surprise there was not outlet to connect it too. Before I had purchase, the sales rep from Best Buy had told me there wouldn't be a IR Transmitter within the TV unit; so I went ahead and got the "3D Starter Kit", since I still needed the glasses and to have another 3D movie. So now I have a extra part to a 3D piece that I do not need; oh well, I will put it on craigslist or ebay to sell. Moving along, I had a Audio Optical cord to hook up from the TV to the receiver, as the TV speakers are passable but not if you like hearing your TV viewing loudly.

After watching Tron Legacy in 3D; the lighting and colors were vibrant and jumped out at you, along with the sound system that pulled you into the movie. It made me feel like how felt the first time I seen it in the theaters. **I did not see any kind of ghosting whiling watching**

While playing in 3D mode with Killzone 3, Socom 4 & Wipeout HD for the PS3, I really felt immersed into each of the games I played, everything felt good and in placed and I didn't feel any kind of motion sickness during or after playing each one.**I did not see any kind of ghosting whiling playing**

Excluding the poor TV speakers & lack of input/output connections, I am very happy with my 1st purchase of this 3D ready LCD HDTV.


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