Sony KDL32BX330 Review

32" Bravia LCD TV

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Picture and Viewing Feaures

The 32" KDL32BX330 replaces the KDL32BX320 from last year, it is a fluorescent back lit, 720p, 60Hz LCD panel.

Rather than light the LCD panel with LED back lighting or edge lighting the BX series uses CCFL fluorescent back lighting. CCFL doesn't produce the same bright whites as LED lighting but the panel lighting can end up being more uniform than a thinner, more expensive LED edge lit television. The BX series televisions are designed to provide you good picture quality at a value oriented price and they deliver here. The KDL32BX430 doesn't have the highest end panel or processing but it has a solid picture with good black levels and realistic color performance.

Picture Quality

Black levels on the BX series appear inky in the bottom and top banding bars of the picture but lack a little depth in the actual images. As well, while we could easily get deep blacks in the picture with the brightness setting at a low level, we lost depth of blacks when turning it up to get better dark shadow detail.

One of the downsides to CCFL lit LCD panels is that off angle viewing tends to suffer more than it does with LED back or edge lighting. The BX series is no exception to this, the best performance is right in front of the TV to about 25 degrees off on each side.

The KDL32B430 has an anti glare flat coat to the screen that actually ends up reflecting light rather than keeping it from irritating the picture. It's not a favorite feature, but it is cheaper to produce and helps keep the cost down. Black levels are still decent on this TV, you just dont get the best depth production for your viewing.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

The BX series does not feature internet connectivity.

Standout Features

Value Oriented CCFL backlit LCD TV for the budget minded.

USB input for photos, music, or video playback

2 HDMI Inputs

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