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Sony KDL-55HX750, KDL-46XH750 Features Review

Following is a features review and writeup for included features on the 2012 HX750 Series TVs from Sony

Sony Entertainment Network One Touch Access

HX750 Series Models
KDL-55HX750 KDL-46HX750

The Sony Entertainment Network is Sony's term for the Smart Internet TV options available in the HX750. The network includes all of Sony's current online options for movies, TV shows, and social networking.

Rovi On-Screen Guide

Allows you to search programs or contend by key word or category. Also allows organization of content by categories to create your own.

Motionflow XR 480 Technology

By utilizing this feature you to effectively increase the frame rate speed to 480Hz from the native 240Hz through manipulation of the backlight. This is done by way of the edge lit LED backlight local dimming rather than the more impressive full array backlighting available in the top end models. It gives the viewer sharper moving images and eliminates a lot of the noise inherent with fast moving objects. It is one of the most important features on this TV. Viewers can select between 4 settings for this feature: Standard, Smooth, Clear, Clear Plus.

4X High Speed 3D Panel

This panel enables fast motion 3D signals to be processed and displayed accurately without motion lag or blur. It is only available on the HX750 series.


This feature has been around for a couple of years on the Sony TVs and is available on the 2012 HX750 series. This feature is designed to eliminate judder and jerky effects when the TV pans side to side. In our opinion it should be kept off due to unwanted side effects from the elimination of natural blur in the background.

X-Reality Engine

The X-Reality Engine in the HX750 series is a single chip digital video processor which is designed to optimize all types of resolution signals – no matter whether compressed or standard definition. This engine does the processing excellently well. The engine chip set is designed to improve the quality of poor resolution signals and also utilize the enhanced picture processing such as Intelligent Image Enhancer, Intelligent MPED Noice Reduction, Reality Creation, Adaptive Noice Reduction, and Smooth Gradation. In other words, it is the brains of the HX750.

3D Ready

The HX750 is 3D ready with active shutter 3D capability rather than passive. Any Bluetooth enabled active 3D glasses will work on this 3D television. The 3D feature in the HX850 offers a couple of unique features such as 3D Depth Adjustment and Simulated 3D Effect.

Built In Wifi

Enables direct access to the Sony Entertainment Network

Skye Ready

The TV can communicate via Skype with an optional accessory Camera


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