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Sharp Aquos LC-60LE810UN

  Overview Specifications  
Sharp LCD TV

10 Bit Processing

Aquos 10 bit processing processes over a billion colors and creates smoother transitions of on screen elements and a highly detailed picture.

XGen Panel

Sharp's Aquos XGen panel permits more light to pass through the screen while at the same time minimizes light leakage for impressive black levels, contrast and dark scene detail.

Internet Connectivity

Sharp's Aquos Net delivers customized Internet content and live customer support via Ethernet, viewable in widget, full-screen or split-screen mode.

Eco Friendly

Lead and mercury free construction as well as automatically adjusting picture technology mean this Aquos TV is friendly both to the environment and your energy bills.

Spectral Contrast Engine

To make understanding the differing contrast levels of Aquos televisions, Sharp has ditched the overinflated numbers and gone to their own contrast rating system to make it easier for consumers to understand the differences between their TV lines.

Vyper Drive Gaming Mode

All of the digital signal processing in modern HDTVs can add precious time between inputs on a game controller and seeing that action on the screen. Vyper Drive Gaming Mode won't put you at a disadvantage by making sure the action happens when you initiate it.


Key Features

  • 60" Screen
  • 1080p X-Gen Panel
  • Enhanced Fine Motion 120Hz
  • LED Edge Lighting
  • Contemporary Design
  • Four Primary Color Technology RYGB
  • 1.6" Depth
  • Full Glass Front Panel
  • Energy Star 4.0
  • USB Media Player
  • Aquos Net
  • Netflix Streaming Movies
  • Aquos Advantage Live Customer Service
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • 1080p component input
  • RS-232C input
  • PC Input
  • Ethernet Jack
  • USB input


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