Sharp LC-60LE830U, LC-52LE830U

Great TV by M. Vance

This is a very large TV with an outstanding picture. So far the menus are easy to navigate and adjustments to almost anything can be made. There many advanced picture adjustments that are easy to find so you can tweak the picture to your liking. Out of the box in the "standard" picture mode the color temp was a little cold for my liking but after adjusting that the color was exactly what I was looking for. The "dynamic" and "dynamic-fixed" modes are useless and greatly over saturate all colors. Most picture modes have the "film mode" defaulted to on, this creates the very annoying "soap opera effect". Turn it off and everything looks great.

I did have an issue with the sound being out of sync with my surround sound system when coming from my satellite box. Originally I had an HDMI cable routed from my satellite box to the TV, then an optical cable from the satellite box to SS receiver. By routing the optical cable from the TV to the SS receiver fixed the issue. There seems to be a delay in video and audio processing in the TV which lead the audio from the SS to be ahead of the picture when I had it routed the first way. I only had this issue with satellite, blu-ray seems to be in sync and it is has its audio routed from the player directly to the SS receiver. When initially setting up the tv you have to select "set top box" for satellite and I think this might be where the TV induces the delay. The TV's speakers are average for a tv of this size, its only 1.75" thick so you cant expect much in the way of quality audio when the speakers are that thin. This is normal on every tv of this size that I have seen so I will not grade lower. I would think if you have a 60" tv you probably already have a SS system anyway, or at least a sound bar.

The tv has a feature called OPC that automatically adjusts screen brightness based on the amount of light in the room, at first I thought this would be a gimmick that I would just turn off but it actually works quite well. It keeps you from having multiple user settings for watching in various lighting conditions. This makes the tv more user friendly because you dont need to always be adjusting it. The tv also has built in WIFI which is an upgrade from the previous model, I have only used it on NETFLIX so far. Streaming was easy to setup and worked fine but until Netflix streams in HD the large 60" screen just amplifies the fuzziness of low resolution streaming video. The WIFI is also great for software up dates.

Was very easy to mount on the wall and its lighter than my older 46" Toshiba. All things considered this is a great TV that 97% of consumers would be happy with. The other 3% will always find something to be unhappy about.

A beautifully engineered product by George T Workman

Noticed the Sharp 52" LCD - LED TV walking thru Sears - an amazing 2D picture that seems a little 3D. No interest in having to wear 3D glasses to watch TV. I am of the older generation and a sports fan.

Replaced a 4 year old 50" Sony LCD projection TV in Great Room. Have tried a Samsung 46" TV, great picture, poor video controls for non 1080p, ended up with a Sony 46" LCD TV in bedroom.

Installed the Sharp 52" Aquos TV 4 days ago. What a wonderful experience. TV is everything I expected and more.

Here are the highlights:

1. Great 1080p picture with more colors than experienced with other TVs due to Quad Pixel technology Green Red Blue and Yellow. Watched US Open golf and amazed at the bright colored shirts of the fans in the stands.

2. Smart Menu system with ability to adjust just about anything. Have used it to setup TV and Wireless Internet connection with a little help from Sharps customer support.

3. The Remote is nicely organized and has a button "View Mode" that allows you to instantly expand the TV source to fit the screen. This was buried 3 levels down in a menu on the 4 year old Sony 50. Now with one button you can fill the screen when playing an older DVD wide screen 2.35 or watching many non HDTV programs.

4. Best customer service group I have ever called. I actually read manuals but when I get stuck trying to implement something new - like Internet Wireless connection - good technical support is critical. Sharps customer support is wonderful. Some guy was patient and stepped me through setting up the Wireless Internet connection to my PC / Linksys Wireless Router. He then guided me to check Sharp HE LC52LE830U 52-Inch 1080p LCD TV -Blackmy new TV's firmware and we then over the Wireless connection updated the TV's firmware to the latest release.

The only CON:

1. Like most of the new flat panel TV's there are no forward facing speakers so clarity of voices seems muffled. I have bit the bullet and ordered a Sharp TV sound bar to remedy the situation. I have a wonderful Onkyo AV Receiver with full 5.1 surround sound but just want to play most TV programs and sportscasts with just good TV speaker sound.

I love this tv, I got it on sale, & worth every penny!! by McHeewah

Pros: Took it out of the box, pluged in the HDMI cords and that's when the magic happened! A perfect picture, just needed a little tweeking on the color but that was it.

Cons: The remote control should do a little more like have a back light to it & more functions with other electronics like the cable box not just turn off an on as well as the entertainment center..... Also the speakers are ok, but what would you expect

Summary: I would recommend this tv to everyone !!!!!!


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