Sharp LC-46LE830U, LC-40LE830U

Top of the line picture quality for middle of the road price by GK

This is TV is a phenomenal value compared to other really good quality LED-LCD displays. I have always felt that the Sharp Aquos and Samsung LCDs had the best picture quality (clarity, color, movement, etc). It used to be that they were price similarly, but Samsung prices have sky rocketed. While still great TVs I don't believe they are that much better (I really believe that they are equal) to justify paying a higher price when the Sharp is just as good (and possibly better) for less.

The picture quality on this set is top notch. It has a clear picture with vibrant, crisp colors and it is not over saturated. The motion is sharp and smooth without a hint of so called jutter. As for the people who said that they have experienced jutter with this set they either didn't have it set up right or had a bad source/connection for the video. Sports and fast action wild life are a pleasure to watch on this TV.

I highly recommend that any person looking to buy and LCD either get a Sharp or Samsung. And right now with the Sharps being significantly cheaper the only real decision that there should be is what size/model of Sharp you should get.

Excellent TV by J. Mullins

I had a hard time choosing between a Panasonic Plasma or an LCD, my room was too bright, but in the long run I'm glad I chose this particular brand of LCD. This TV has so many features that it will take me a day or so to fine tune them all, which is a good thing. I also purchased a Sanus wall mount kit which me and my brother installed in about 30 minutes time, the point being is that this TV has an option in the audio settings just in-case you decided to do such a thing.

The colors are bright and vivid, I still think the addition of the yellow pixel is a gimmick but that's just me, and the audio projects and fills a large room. So far I've only messed with a few of the apps, Vudu and Netflix, but as time goes on I may play around with more if the firmware addition adds more. All in all I would highly recommend this TV.

I love this tv, I got it on sale, & worth every penny!! by McHeewah

Pros: Took it out of the box, pluged in the HDMI cords and that's when the magic happened! A perfect picture, just needed a little tweeking on the color but that was it.

Cons: The remote control should do a little more like have a back light to it & more functions with other electronics like the cable box not just turn off an on as well as the entertainment center..... Also the speakers are ok, but what would you expect

Summary: I would recommend this tv to everyone !!!!!!


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