Samsung UN65H6400 Review (UN65H6400AFXZA)

65 inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

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  • Front and center picture quality is excellent
  • Game Mode cuts input lag down to an impressive 30ms
  • 4 HDMI and 3 USB
  • Speedy Wifi connection + Quad Core Processor
  • Active 3D playback with 3D content is great
  • Redesigned Smart Touch Remote makes navigating the Smart Hub a breeze
  • Extra buttons on the Smart Touch Remote are a thoughtful and useful addition
  • 10pt white balance really hones in a strong calibrated image


  • Off center viewing see contrast, blacks and color fade very quickly
  • In room lighting reflects off the semi-matte screen
  • Sound/Audio Quality – Especially voice volume and clarity
  • Auto Motion Plus with 2D images (thankfully it can be turned off)

    The UN65H6400 is a feature packed option in the 60 inch class size and the second largest screen in the H6400 series. The H6400 add 3D playback the 2014 touch pad remote when compared to the H6350. It offers strong picture quality with bright peak whites and dark blacks thanks to the bright edge-lit LED lighting. It includes the updated Smart Hub for an engaging online experience with tons of content to choose from.

    Samsung UN65H6400 LED TV
    Stunning color reproduction and contrast are seen in this shot of the 65H6400. A strong display of depth is seen here as well

    Picture Quality Rating: 87/100

    The UN65H6400 uses a semi-matte screen finish versus the clear coat that we really like on the top tier models. We do find that picture quality takes a hit because of this. Here's why. This finish tends to reflect more room light and has a negative effect on the brilliance of the image. A sense of depth in images is also reduced somewhat. The bright edge LED lighting helps to balance out the downsides of the matte screen by providing more rich colors and a good deal of contrast. All of that said, from relatively close to front and center we felt the picture displayed was very good with lots of light flow-through to help with depth perception.

    Game Mode - Input Lag Destroyer

    Enabling the Game Mode for gaming is a must for competitive shooters and action gamers. The input lag went from a noticable 120ms down to 30ms with the flick of a switch. That really makes games like Battlefield and Titalfall much more enjoyable and immersive. It's good to know that the first time you turn on Game Mode the picture won't look so good. That's because it has its own picture settings, so take a moment to get the picture looking good again the first time you do it. Not all the options in our picture settings are available in Game Mode, but follow them loosely to get a good picture. Screen Fit is also one of the most important things to select so you don't get overscan. A lot of the picture settings for games will be determined by personal preference. Just be sure the picture is bright enough for you.

    3D Performance

    Some picture setting tweaks are required before getting the most out of 3D playback on the H6400. The Movie picture mode and Auto Motion set to Standard are key to getting the best out of any 3D image. In doing so, judder is eliminated and images bright. The resulting image is sharp and clear with a good amount of depth. Colors appeared slightly subdued for 3D images, but they are certainly not bad. As usual for active 3D glasses, a small amount of flicker present. It may be better suited for dark viewing rooms. Just like the side angle viewing for 2D content, color and contrast fade very quickly when moving from front and center.

    Samsung UN65H6400 3D Glasses
    These are the 3D glasses for 2014 model Samsung LED TVs

    Features Rating: 90/100

    Samsung Smart Hub

    Samsung UN60H6400 Smart TV
    The Apps page is where you'll find all the featured apps as well as the ones you've downloaded for easy access

    The Smart Hub keeps the same basic design as last year with subtle improvements. Samsung hit the mark with their user interface and intuitive nagivation. This time around you will see a Game tab as one of the major smart TV pages. The On TV page this time around allows for logins. This means different members of the family can have different recommendation settings. This is a big plus for home with multiple TV users. It doesn't sport the split screen mode like the Smart TVs above it in the line up. The H6400 does not implement the quad-core processor like some of the top tier models either. Instead it uses dual-core processing to run browsing and smart TV navigation.

    Touch Pad Controller

    Samsung UN65H6400 Touchpad Remote
    This year's touch remote features an egg shape with a smaller touch pad, but more buttons

    Surfing the web and the Smart TV features is a breeze with the new touchpad remote. It's much faster and easier than a traditional 5-way controller. The actual touch pad is a bit smaller this year, but that's okay because it now supports motion control. This brings it closer to LG's Magic Remote. The smaller touch pad also leaves room for more useful buttons on the remote instead of the on-screen menus. The voice recognition only works for inputting searches if the soft keyboard for the search field is open. The Wifi connection was easy to establish and it help up well while surfing the web. For streaming content it worked really great too.


    The 4 legged quadrapod stand of the UN65H6400 has a chrome metallic finish. The stand also allows 25 degrees of swivel in either direction. This is an excellent addition that really helps with the functionality of the design. The glossy black plastic bezels measures half an inch with a clear acrylic plastic on the outside to frame them up nicely. It's hard to notice the clear frame without looking for it. The overall depth is just under 2 inches.

    Samsung UN65H6400 LED TV Design and Appearance
    The familiar quad leg design of the H6400 isn't a stranger to mid-level Samsung LED TVs

    Value Rating: 89/100

    The UN65H6400 has a retail price of around $2,000. This presents a strong value when you consider the strong picture quality, smart TV options, and 3D playback. Sony and LG have TVs in direct competition with the H6400 series. LG's smart TV platform rivals the Samsung, while Sony has more to offer when it comes to top tier picture quality.

    Overall Rating: 89/100

    Jack Burden Jack Burden has been reviewing and writing reviews in the consumer electronics category for 7 years with CEAG. He considers grayscale gradation, film patterned retarders, and focus field drives to be fun topics. Read more about Jack
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