Samsung UN50F6400 vs. UN50F6300 LED TV (UN46F6300 vs. UN46F6400 and UN40F6300 vs. UN40F6400)

Comparison and Differences F6300 vs. F6400

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Samsung UN50F6400 Versus the Samsung UN50F6300There are many subtle differences and some not so subtle between the UN50F6300 and the UN50F6400. The F6400 is obviously the higher featured with the higher price due to the following differences listed below. Both have a black gloss plastic bezel framing and look about the same.

Following are the features of the UN50F6400 that differ from the UN50F6300:

  • UN50F6400 has the higher CMR rate at 480 over the 240 in the F6300. This is a figure created by Samsung to expand upon fast moving image display capability though both TVs have a 120Hz panel.
  • Has DirecTV Ready feature
  • Has a black table top stand rather than the silver that comes with the 50F6300
  • Has active 3D ready capability with 2 pairs of glasses included
  • There is a Smartphone remote control App support option in the ES6400
  • F6400 Blue Tooth mouse and keyboard (optional accessory) support with USB
  • Has Micro Dimming option which enables the TV through LED edge lit backlighting to increase contrast in certain areas of the screen when the feature is turned on.

F6300 has:

  • The F6300 has a silver stand
  • The F6300 has no 3D compatibility
  • The F6300 has a CMR of 240(120Hz Panel)
  • The F6300 is less expensive due to lack of the features listed above

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