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Samsung UN40C6500 40" 1080p 120Hz LCD LED TV

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Samsung UN40C6500 Review

Model: Samsung UN40C6500
Description: 40" 1080p LED Backlit LCD Television (super thin)
Reviewer: Robert Wiley
Date: Fall 2010

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Samsung UN40C6500 Review
A standard definition DVD shot of Wedding crashers shows exceptional brightness from the backlight


  • Aesthetics – Contemporary Design 1.1" depth with 1" frame. Great looking TV.
  • New and exciting Swivel quadrapod stand
  • Good deep black levels – Avg. to good contrast.
  • Excellent color saturation and light levels
  • Optional 120Hz feature for sports programming
  • Great connectivity options for such a thin TV
  • Strong Internet Options
  • Good Value


  • Proprietary Wifi Internet TV Network
  • 120Hz feature with Film based content (turn off feature). 120Hz is really about as good as 240Hz. The difference is negligible.
  • Difficult ISF calibration
  • Side Angle Viewing contrast reduction
  • At times over saturation of colors
  • Slightly Weak Volume/Audio output
  • Blue tone inconsistency across gray scales
  • Some complain of uneven light/color uniformity from LED back lighting

Price Considerations: At $1299 at online retailers, this the 40C6500 only yields a $200 discount from the 46" TV of the same model. However, some will need to smaller TV due to size contraints. This LED TV represents fair value for those looking for a super bright LED TV with looks that can blend in with modern décor. This TV has the newest LED backlighting, a super thin depth, sleek good looks, but does not contain 3D capability. It does however, contain Samsung's ever improving cast of Internet Apps options – we think the best of any TV manufacturer currently. Competition hails from the LG 42LE5500, the Sony KDL-40EX710, and the Sharp LC-40LE820U.

Samsung UN40C6500 Review

For any film or broadcast TV non-sports based material start by turning off the 120Hz rate feature as follows: Click Menu/picture/Scroll down to Picture Options/Press enter/Scroll down to AutoMotionPlus 240Hz/Press Enter/Scroll or press to Off position. It is important to turn this feature off (see more on this feature under features section below).

Samsung UN40C6500 Review
A crisp shot from the Blu Ray of Rocky

Color saturation is a strength of these new LED backlit Samsung LCDs. Colors are super vibrant even if on the unrealistic side at times. It's what our society (maybe not so much purists) likes these days. On rare occasions there is some over saturation within blacks.

There is nothing subdued about this LED TV, from its super thin good looks to its super saturated colors. Blacks are rich and deep and colors vibrant if not over powering at times. Some dark shadow detail is lost and and subtle color notes forgotten. But it's a colorful picture many will relish. Read our extended picture notes below.

This C6500 series is not 3D ready.

Appearance: The 40C6500 comes with a 15 to 20 degree swivel quadrapod (our word) table top stand. The stand is heavy, sturdy and gives and expensive quality with its gloss chrome metallic finish. The new 4 legged stand is a gutsy move and I like it. There are accompanying screws to further secure the stand to the TV. The super thin 1.1" screen depth is accompanied by an improved 1" bezel frame surrounding the screen. This is an improvement of an inch over last years model.

Samsung UN40C6500 Review
The UN40C6500 offers a wide variety of Internet Apps

Internet Connectivity: Samsung has probably the best Internet Apps partner list available in TVs today. The 40C6500 series expands the list of potential Internet partners with Blockbuster, USA Today, Netflix, VUDU on Demand, Hulu, Amazon on Demand, as well as the previously proffered Yahoo news, Flikr, witter, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Video (and tons more options both paid and free). These options are nice improvements from last years package and make it more viable.. Response time is still a little slow when clicking on the various options. This feature is wireless possible with an optional dongle accessory.

Samsung UN40C6500 Specifications


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