Samsung UN32H5500 Review (UN32H5500AFXZA)

32 inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

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The UN32H5500 LED TV is a direct replacement of the F5500 series from last year. The biggest improvements are under the hood. Mainly, the quad core processor driving the smart TV features. This is a big jump in computing power and it really shows when navigating around the Samsung Smart Hub that we like so much. Everything else is pretty much the same as last year, making this a pretty solid value option. It is very similar to the H6350 series above it minus the 120Hz refresh rate on the panel. For a price of $429.99, it's not a bad deal at all for everything it brings to the table.


  • Powerful edge-lit LED lighting makes bright and colorful images that are best from front and center
  • The Smart Hub apps provide a good mix of paid and free content
  • Super slim 0.3" bezels and two inch depth
  • Quad core processor handles smart TV navigation and app loading without a struggle


  • The standard 5-way controls for web browsing are very slow and often frustrating
  • Off center viewing is plagued by color and contrast degradation
  • 60Hz refresh rate doesn't handle judder sports programing and gaming as well as a 120Hz TV
  • Sound quality is flat and hollow sounding, but volume isn't an issue

    Picture Quality Rating: 83/100

    1080p Resolution and 60Hz Refresh Rate

    1080p resolution is an important feature for many buying a new TV. A 32 inch screen may not really need a full HD screen, but it is nice to have. The main reason is that most broadcasts and video games are still 720p, but we are beginning to see that move into 1080p. 4K broadcasts and content are still a good bit away, so you can be comfortable with this one. The best justification for having a 1080p screen of this size is using it as a monitor. A computer or laptop connected through the HDMI input would take advantage of the resolution, giving you more work space on the screen.

    Samsung UN32H5500 LED TV
    Color and Contrast seen in this shot on the H5500 show how great the picture is. Bright whites and deep blacks are reproduced wonderfully

    The 60Hz refresh rate seems a little low, but it surely keeps the cost down on this one. Motion blur and judder are not going to be highly noticeable on a screen this size as well. Those who are looking will see it, but only the most sensitive to the issue will be bothered by it.

    Side Viewing Angles

    Side viewing angles on the H5500 perform just as you would expect them to on a low end model. We see contrast and color begin to face at about the 30 degree mark. This is typical for LCD/LED TVs and this one is not plagued by terrible viewing angles.

    Features Rating: 87/100

    Samsung Smart Hub - Smart TV Options

    Samsung UN32H5500 LED TV Smart TV
    Here you can see the newest and extremely useful faeture of the Samsung Smart Hub. Split screen multitasking

    The rehashed Smart Hub platform on the Samsung 2014 lineup is included on the UN32H5500. What's new? Mainly the interface. It has received an upgrade reminiscent of the tiled interface found on tablets and smartphones use. Navigation is the main focus. It is an intuitive upgrade that really makes the whole experience a better one. The H5500 series has been given the quad core processor of the series above it, making it just as fast as some of the best TVs on the market. It also incorporates a slew of recommendation features to help viewers find content they wouldn't find by channel surfing. Samsung has added a new Games page in the Smart Hub as well.


    Samsung UN32H5500 LED TV
    The Samsung UN32H5500 has a sleek appearance for a value priced model. The thin bezels give it the look of higher end models.

    The UN32H5500 may have a pretty plain appearance, but it's okay for a value model like this one. The bezels and profile are very thin measure to give the TV an updated appearance. We've seen the plain black square stand plenty of times before, but it is good for those who don't want anything too flashy. It's nice to see the low end TVs looking so good.

    Value Rating: 93/100

    The UN32H5500 is a terrific value for those who are looking for decent picture quality, lots of smart TV options, and a generally pleasing appearance. The feature set is just a little too similar to the H6350 series for less money. The biggest difference being the 120Hz panel. If you can go without that, the H5500 is a clear winner in the less than 50-inch category. Low end LED TVs from LG and Sony are going to be the biggest competitors with this TV.

    Overall Rating: 88/100

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